Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Let’s say that you have this beautiful home and you decide to invite some visitors over for a visit. You set out plates of delicious food. You decorate with flowers and plants. Everything is in place for your guests.

You send out an invitation, a visa, to invite guests over. And they come. For the most part it all goes well. Your guests enjoy your home and your food. They behave themselves. But, as is always the case, the evening comes to an end. Your guests don’t get the hint. They don’t want to leave. They even go so far as to hide in your home to try to extend their stay. They seem to prefer your home to their own.

While you are dealing with that, a large group of people decide to invite themselves to your house. They don’t have an invitation/visa. This group just moves in. They also eat your food. They sit on your furniture. You don’t know anything about them. You don’t know if they are disease carriers, or criminals, or anything in between. They set up camp in a section of your house, speaking their own language and continuing their own traditions. In other words, they bring their old house with them and try to take over your house.

These two situations are simplified examples of the current problems we face regarding immigration. For some reason we seem to be offering visas to people to visit, study, or whatever without knowing enough about them. In other words we don’t do complete background checks. Then we don’t follow up to see what happens when these visas expire. We issue student visas to people who never attend school. It seems that we put everybody on the honor system. Isn’t it pretty clear by now that many are just dishonorable?

The other problem is, of course, the millions who have trespassed into our country, and are doing so every day, without invitation and are living among us without documentation. Those who actually work are doing so with stolen identities or are being paid under the table. They drive on our highways without license or insurance. They take advantage of our good nature and use our hospital emergency rooms for their normal medical care. They take welfare and food stamps. They take American jobs for cheaper wages thereby cheating our citizenry.

The politicians, whom we hire to take care of these problems, seem to see this group as potential new voters and therefore are more inclined to try and win their favor than deal with their law breaking.

We need to take a step back and get our collective heads out of the dark places where they have dwelt. Issuing visas to individuals from countries which harbor and train terrorists is patently ridiculous. Especially student visas. Let’s face it, terrorists are generally young Muslim  men. And Islamist terrorists are our enemy. Is that so difficult for our PC politicians to understand? Refusing to follow up on expired visas is just plain dereliction of duty.

Those millions who have entered this country illegally are another huge unknown. Many are carriers of diseases which we have previously dealt with. We also don’t know their political affiliations or their allegiances. We don’t know from where they originated. This group of people is possibly just walking time bombs. We don’t know.

The Boston bombing should at least wake us up. Evil exists and evil has infiltrated our country. Today the PC politicians are busy arguing Miranda Rights instead of putting the heat on the terrorist we have captured. They are either tone deaf or just stupid. We have an immigration problem in our house. It is clearly past time to deal with it.

Ron Scarbro April 24, 2013

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