Wednesday, April 17, 2013


When events like the Boston Marathon bombing happen we all look for answers. Obama said in his first speech after the explosion that we will find out who did this and why they did it. Let me be the first to offer this thought. I want to know who did this, but I do not care why. There is no reason on earth for any person or group of persons to plant bombs set to kill and maim innocent civilians. The perpetrators are just evil baby killers. Regardless of their perceived grievance, there is no justification, period. There is no quid pro quo. There is no we are mad at you for something you might have done at some time in the past, and we are right to kill you. No, there is only evil. The most sadistic and vilest of evil.

As of this writing we do not know who perpetrated this act. Speculation ranges all over the map. I remember when the Oklahoma City bombing happened I immediately thought it was Islamist radicals. It turns out that it was just a few cowardly, home grown, baby killers instead. Americans who should have known better. Americans who knew what it meant to be free. But, you know what? Cowards come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Cowardice is not a respecter of national origin. Evil baby killers can slide out from under any rock anywhere.

We will discover the bad guys here. We will probably capture them, and I do believe there is more than one, and we will prosecute them. Personally I still believe it will turn out to be Islamist radicals. I believe they will be found to be organized and funded by countries we are supporting through foreign aid. It is just a matter of time. Remember Osama Bin Laden, judgement day will come.

How shall we deal with them when they are captured and convicted? What should their punishment be? Shall we imprison them and feed them for the next several years? As for me, I would like to gut shoot them with double aught buckshot and feed them to the feral hogs. I probably won’t get my wish, however. Cooler heads will prevail and these punks will spend the rest of their miserable lives in a dark and empty cage.

And speaking of that, how would it be to wake up every morning and know that this is the rest of your life? How would it be to try to sleep with the vivid image of bloody children and women in your head? The night terrors deny you sleep and you slowly go crazy. There will be no respite short of death. When you see your image in a mirror, you see the face of a coward.

There is a benefit as well as a problem living in a free and open society as we do, and that is we cannot control everything and everybody around us. There are going to be those individuals whose jealousy and envy will bring out their evil.

What troubles me most today is I have so little confidence in the people we have in charge. We still have done nothing about Benghazi. When we need strong leaders with conviction and resolve, we are left with inexperienced politicians with no military background, junior leaguers. In this case though, I will withhold my judgement. I will give Obama and his minions the opportunity to prove me wrong. Round up these punks and give the world the perp walk of all perp walks. Let the world look into the face of these cowards, then put them in dark, empty cages for the rest of their miserable lives to be relegated, along with those of their ilk, to the trash heap of infamy

Ron Scarbro April 17, 2013

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Jwo- said...

The reason we have no Benghazi results is because it is not conducive for the obama administration and their ilk. Why? I can speculate but am unsure. Sometimes, I/we are limited by logic, when we try to understand Americans thwarting American interests. I hate Socialists/Leftists and their America-killing agendas!

I believe Boston happened largely reflective of our disregard in our Benghazi approach to justice. Terrorists are much like the bully mentality...they're basically cowards working through bravado and seeking opportunities to act out and get away. They survive through our lack of diligence and ongoing disregard.

Were it me, I would use a different approach to justice, as Ive often said. There would be two choices, both selected by the victim's families and those who luckily electric chair or merciful drug overdose (lethal injection). It would either be feet first in a wood chipper or thrown off the 1st trans-Pacific Naval vessel, mid-crossing and at night. If per chance you make it to shore alive, welcome to the wood chipper. Justice would be swift! And if you don't want to be wrongfully accused, make damn sure you live your life beyond know...responsibly.

Just my two cents...