Wednesday, June 29, 2016


The FBI has been involved in a criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton and other members of her criminal enterprise for well over a year. It is not now nor has it ever been a “security review” or whatever Hillary calls it. It is a criminal investigation. All during this investigation there have been little leaks released which clearly would lead any thinking person to the conclusion that indictments were on the horizon.

At the same time this criminal investigation is going on, Hillary is running for President. It boggles the mind.

The first point I want to make is this. The FBI doesn’t go through these types of investigations without good reason. There is now and there has been sufficient   evidence to conclude that crimes have been committed. And not just with the e-mail scandal. There is evidence that favors were bought and paid for by foreign governments and foreign individuals as well as our own citizens while Hillary was Secretary of State. That money has been dutifully deposited in the catch-all cesspool known as “The Clinton Foundation” which incidentally is being managed by Chelsea Clinton for a salary of $3,000,000 per year. The dirty money in this so-called fund is in the hundreds of millions.

And so the Democrats wait for the other shoe to fall. Obama had withheld his endorsement of Hillary waiting for the coast to clear. Joe Biden is crossing his fingers. Bernie doesn’t know what to think. He knows that the system is rigged against him but he also knows that she may well be in an orange jumpsuit by Election Day. Meanwhile the country waits.

Attention FBI Director James Comey, quit slow walking this investigation. If you have a case, get the indictments and serve them. Attention Justice Dept. Stop looking for ways to excuse this criminal activity and get on with the jobs you are supposed to do. It is obvious to anyone who pays attention that Hillary Clinton has violated the law and exposed this country and our top secrets to foreign eyes. There is little doubt also that the Clintons have become obscenely wealthy by selling access and favors to anyone who is willing to pay the price. By withholding the information from the American people, the FBI is exposing us all to a huge problem.

Here is what will happen. If, after all that has been leaked, Hillary isn’t indicted, there will be riots in the street. If the FBI waits much longer in this election year to release their findings and she is indicted, there will be riots in the street by both Bernie fans and Hillary fans. Quite frankly it is unfair to all parties to slow walk this investigation.

Personally I don’t give a “tinker’s damn” if Hillary is inconvenienced. I don’t even care if the Democrats are thrown into a bigger mess than they already have. My concern is for this country. The sight of a Presidential candidate doing the “perp” walk in an orange jumpsuit, while appealing to many of us, would be horrendous to the country’s psyche. I worry about the financial markets. The sooner this is dealt with and past us, the better for all concerned. Hillary doesn’t have the grace to do the right thing and bow out. She is going to wait for the judicial system to bow her out. Oh well.

To those of you who don’t believe this country will prosecute Hillary, let me give you this bit of truth. If we don’t, the very idea of law and order will be thrown out of the windows. The Justice Dept. will have no choice. We just need to get this over with.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


When I was seventeen years old and still awaiting graduation from high school, I joined the Army. They allowed me to stay on in school until I graduated.

Within days of my induction, and still a seventeen year old kid, I was assigned a weapon. It was an M1 rifle. We were required to take our rifle with us wherever we went. At night our weapons were stacked up in formation for easy and rapid reach in the event of an emergency. The fact that this was peacetime made no difference.

Again, within days of my being assigned a rifle, I began my training in the use of this rifle. There were endless hours of training in care and cleaning of the weapon as well as hours of “dry firing” to get used to the trigger pull and the proper stance when firing. I listened and I paid attention to the instructions. Also during my eight week basic training I was required to learn and shoot many other types of weaponry such as .45 caliber handguns, machine guns of several calibers as well as hand grenades.

Next we were taken to the gun range where we were finally allowed to actually shoot the weapons. Some days we had firing line duty where we shot the targets and some days we had target duty where we erected the targets and repaired them after the shooting. It was hot, June at Ft. Benning, Georgia, and it was tiring.

But, because I had paid attention as well as having been involved with hunting most of my life, I was a very successful shooter. I qualified as, what the Army designated, “Expert.” I was awarded a medal to affix to my uniform. Later on during my service, I was assigned to a military rifle team where I was involved in shooting competitions. It was great duty.

In addition to the above military training I also have attended and graduated from the NRA gun safety school as well as a sixteen week civilian police academy where I was trained in police tactics and weapon use.

Now why am I telling you all of this? The first thing I want you to know is this. I am qualified to carry and operate weaponry of many kinds and calibers. The second thing is that there are literally millions of us in this country with similar experiences. Many if not most of us are armed. Many if not most of us would be ready and available to take up arms to defend this country and our way of life at a moment’s notice.

When some little slick haired, “metrosexual” politician with shiny manicured nails tells me that I shouldn’t have the right to carry or use guns, I am insulted. Most of these so-called leaders in office today have never had any kind of military service. Many are  protected by armed bodyguards. Our own President doesn’t have a clue and even worse than that, he refuses to listen to the military experts who are there to advise him. There is no one at any position in life or office who is qualified to tell me that I should not be allowed to carry and use guns.

The Second Amendment guarantees my right to have guns. That right is there to protect me and this country from our own government and from these little politicians who think they run the show.

Since the shooting in Orlando, the noise has gotten louder. The liberals are screaming for gun control. They can’t stand the fact that I have the right and the weaponry to defend myself. To them all I have this to say. You better hope that I and others like me will be there to take care of business should the need ever arise. You cannot have my guns. I will never allow you to take away my ability to defend myself. So, get over it.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


And so it begins again. Some low life radical Islamist terrorist walks into a nightclub which caters to homosexuals and starts shooting, hitting well over one hundred individuals, killing so far forty-eight, before meeting his only possible fate, that of being gunned down by police.

A brief examination of the facts shows that the gunman obviously chose this target because, one, it was full of homosexuals, and two, the target would be soft because no one there would be armed making his the only gun.

Under Sharia law homosexual acts are not only illegal, but are punishable by death. In fact most Middle Eastern countries which are predominantly Muslim and under Sharia law enforce this law by liberally using the death penalty for homosexuals. Killing homosexuals is encouraged and ordained by this ancient law. You want to go to Heaven? You want your seventy plus virgins waiting for you? Just kill a homosexual. The more you kill, the greater your place is in Heaven.

I say again, and so it begins. What I am referring to is the incessant talk of gun control. Obama, instead of identifying the killer as a radical Islamist, concerned himself more with the fact that the killer had a gun. Hillary has and will use this opportunity to rail against advocates of the Second Amendment. These liberal morons cannot bring themselves to understand that whether this clown had a gun or just a bomb made of household cleansers, his intent was to kill and kill he was going to do.

I have a simple question. What if, in the crowd of over three hundred attendees at the nightclub, ten or fifteen of them had conceal carry permits and were armed. What if they took out their weapons and mowed down the shooter early in his assault? Remember this killer shot over a hundred times which means he had to stop and reload several times during the assault. We have heard it before and it bears repeating. The only way to stop a gun is with a gun. The time for negotiating and conversation has ended. The time for shooting back has begun. Unless you can run at 3800 feet per second, you cannot outrun a fired bullet.

The answer is clear. Instead of there being too many guns, as the liberals would have you believe, the people in this nightclub suffered from there not being enough guns.

Over the coming months there will be investigations of this shooter and his associates. His family will be investigated as well as all of his friends. We will doubtlessly learn that he was already a radical Muslim. We will learn that he hated all that this country stands for. In his self righteous mind we will learn that he felt justified in killing homosexuals or anybody else that he thought might be infidels. We will learn that some were suspicious of him but could not bring themselves to report on his activities because of “political correctness.”

The liberals will, of course, figure out a way to blame America for this moron. We were not nice enough to him and his kind or we didn’t let in enough of his relatives as refugees. We are just too mean and we deserve the retribution of the ancient Muslim world.

Here is some bad news for that Muslim world. Eventually we may to have to go over there and end their existence. Either they clean up their acts and learn to coexist with the modern world, or they will meet their virgins much earlier than they expect. We will never revert to the seventh century. We will never submit to their Sharia Law.

This final note to the gun control advocates. We, the American people, protected as we are by the Second Amendment, will never turn over our guns to anybody. You got that? Never to anybody. Not now and not ever.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I was watching Congressman Jason Chaffetz, R. Utah this morning talking about illegal aliens who have been convicted of crimes, sentenced to jail, and then released when their sentence is served. These convicts are not deported as the law requires but rather just released back onto our streets. Mr. Chaffetz was upset and concerned as he should be. When asked by the interviewer why this was happening and what Congress was doing about it, Chaffetz said, “They don’t give us handcuffs. We refer it to the Justice Department.”

Wrong answer. This is classic passing of the buck. The fact is the Congress has something much better than handcuffs. They control the purse strings. Jason Chaffetz is Chairman of the House Oversight Committee and as such has authority that puts handcuffs to shame, so go out and oversee. The problem is simple. The Congress, a Republican majority duly elected by the people for the purpose of reining in uncontrollable government excess, isn’t doing their job.

I get weekly emails from my Congressman citing all the problems facing us as a country. What I don’t hear from him is how we are going to solve them. I know about the problems. What I want to hear is what are we going to do about them.

It is no wonder that the electorate is upset. We elected a Republican Congress for the purpose of controlling Barack Obama and his minions and they are just not getting it done and now they want to be re-elected to continue the “fight.”

The liberal policies of the past seven years are destroying our economy and the Congress is just sitting by and allowing it to continue. Obamacare has been described as the biggest single deterrent to progress in our economy in recent history. The unemployment numbers are pure fiction. Illegal aliens are overrunning our borders and now Obama wants to allow Syrian “refugees” into this country without proper vetting.

We are also now learning that our own government lied to us in order to get this “Mickey Mouse” so-called treaty signed with Iran. Where is our Congressional oversight? While all of this is happening the media is busy tearing up the presses reporting on bathroom parity. It’s like I woke up on the other side of the universe. If I see a man going into a public restroom where my wife, daughter, or granddaughter has just entered, he is going to have a much bigger problem than where to tinkle. Just saying.

All this having been said, I happen to like Jason Chaffetz. I like many of the people we have elected to Congress. We just have to insist they do the jobs they were hired to do. Our continued success as a country isn’t guaranteed.  It requires constant monitoring and effort. We are a law and order country. Nobody gets to break the law and nobody gets to choose just what laws they will obey regardless of their rank or station in life. People like the Clintons, who continue to rape and pillage the world for their own gain, must be put away. We have prisons for lawbreakers and we need to use them.

I am getting to be an old man. I have never before seen the mess we have gotten ourselves into. There is no substitute for honor and law. To those of you who still support Hillary, shame on you. Your blindness to her criminal activity will come back and haunt you if she stays out of prison.

Readers of this blog, contact your Representatives and insist they take care of business. They were hired for a specific purpose. They have to turn this runaway train around. The country you save may well be your own.

Ron Scarbro