Wednesday, June 15, 2016


And so it begins again. Some low life radical Islamist terrorist walks into a nightclub which caters to homosexuals and starts shooting, hitting well over one hundred individuals, killing so far forty-eight, before meeting his only possible fate, that of being gunned down by police.

A brief examination of the facts shows that the gunman obviously chose this target because, one, it was full of homosexuals, and two, the target would be soft because no one there would be armed making his the only gun.

Under Sharia law homosexual acts are not only illegal, but are punishable by death. In fact most Middle Eastern countries which are predominantly Muslim and under Sharia law enforce this law by liberally using the death penalty for homosexuals. Killing homosexuals is encouraged and ordained by this ancient law. You want to go to Heaven? You want your seventy plus virgins waiting for you? Just kill a homosexual. The more you kill, the greater your place is in Heaven.

I say again, and so it begins. What I am referring to is the incessant talk of gun control. Obama, instead of identifying the killer as a radical Islamist, concerned himself more with the fact that the killer had a gun. Hillary has and will use this opportunity to rail against advocates of the Second Amendment. These liberal morons cannot bring themselves to understand that whether this clown had a gun or just a bomb made of household cleansers, his intent was to kill and kill he was going to do.

I have a simple question. What if, in the crowd of over three hundred attendees at the nightclub, ten or fifteen of them had conceal carry permits and were armed. What if they took out their weapons and mowed down the shooter early in his assault? Remember this killer shot over a hundred times which means he had to stop and reload several times during the assault. We have heard it before and it bears repeating. The only way to stop a gun is with a gun. The time for negotiating and conversation has ended. The time for shooting back has begun. Unless you can run at 3800 feet per second, you cannot outrun a fired bullet.

The answer is clear. Instead of there being too many guns, as the liberals would have you believe, the people in this nightclub suffered from there not being enough guns.

Over the coming months there will be investigations of this shooter and his associates. His family will be investigated as well as all of his friends. We will doubtlessly learn that he was already a radical Muslim. We will learn that he hated all that this country stands for. In his self righteous mind we will learn that he felt justified in killing homosexuals or anybody else that he thought might be infidels. We will learn that some were suspicious of him but could not bring themselves to report on his activities because of “political correctness.”

The liberals will, of course, figure out a way to blame America for this moron. We were not nice enough to him and his kind or we didn’t let in enough of his relatives as refugees. We are just too mean and we deserve the retribution of the ancient Muslim world.

Here is some bad news for that Muslim world. Eventually we may to have to go over there and end their existence. Either they clean up their acts and learn to coexist with the modern world, or they will meet their virgins much earlier than they expect. We will never revert to the seventh century. We will never submit to their Sharia Law.

This final note to the gun control advocates. We, the American people, protected as we are by the Second Amendment, will never turn over our guns to anybody. You got that? Never to anybody. Not now and not ever.

Ron Scarbro


Jwo- said...

Ron, amen again. Increased activities have kept me from shadowing your blog, as I've read them far too late to reply before your re-post, as I wanted. Great reads! As I was reading today's post, it dawned on the worst thing EVER in Muslim Heaven to be a virgin and attached to one of these Cretans for eternity? Is that a sad tale'o woe or what? ;^) (BTW, really enjoyed previous posts re: Memorial Day & Congress.)

My sickness with the Republican establishment's 'hollier-than-thou' attitudes and blatantly obvious collusion with Democrap elites is only surpassed by the idiocy, spawned from anti-American agendas, of the obama/hillarbitch & Socialist Left! One must be seriously dented in the head to witness terror and immediately jump on inanimate objects, as the culprit. More Americans are killed in car accidents than terrorists. Are we soon to ban the automobile? Shark Week looms (YAY!)...yet more people are killed by lightning strikes, bee stings and pigs annually, than by shark attack. When are we gonna bring pigs & bees to extinction and launch a full scale attack on the weather? Damn sharks! (I'm actually somewhat surprised that the Left hasn't had this brought to their attention and used as a tool to ramp-up the emotions of their sycophants!)

All they want to do is bring the most inefficient and ineffective tool to solve & resolve every challenge. More government, more legislation, more restrictions, all targeted ultimately towards the LAW ABIDING CITIZENS and totally ignoring and enabling the felons/crooks/terrorists, et al. Government is the largest, most illogical tool to use in resolution of society's most delicate challenges! To immediately turn to government, as a tool and after ages of examples decrying such, is either chronically ignorant or subversive in nature. I'm reminded again of a real-world result that took place here in GA, back in the late 80's, I believe? North of Atlanta is a little hamlet (and old stomping grounds, of mine) named Kennesaw, GA. Kennesaw had the highest crime rates for burglary/assault/rape of ANY Atlanta suburb, by far. Basically, all the thug/punks from the inner city Democrap slums went north, after sundown, to break-in, pillage & plunder the legal, law abiding citizens of Kennesaw. Fed up, out gunned and undermanned, the Mayor of Kennesaw and the Council promoted policy recommending that every home owner in Kennesaw purchase, own & practice proficiency with a gun. Sales exploded! This was publicly promoted and then highly derided, by the Left/anti-gun crowd (redundant). Naturally, there were some who refused but the VAST majority (being Right-wing American stalwarts) complied and almost IMMEDIATELY, crime dropped to 'nil!!! Atlanta lost some of its worst citizens in the process but nature other words, as John Wayne said, "Life is hard...its harder when you're stupid!" ;^)

Control, control, control, world government and American marginalization is the OBVIOUS focus and commitment of the Left. America historically has been the last fighting bastion preventing worldwide Socialism from becoming dominant. Our country is being besieged from within and unless we're diligent and focused, as a free people, we will be thrust back into being ruled, without process, fairness and reason, by the elites. Histroy has already been there, done that! Guns, knives, hammers, rocks, pressure cookers, et al, are wonderful tools and NOT evil entities in pursuit of the innocents.

Except for that time when all the guns in this gun store broke out and charged a school full' didn't happen. Oh yeah, when the knife department at Bed, Bath & Beyond colluded to attack...uhhh....wait a minute. Oh hell, I give up... ;^)


Anonymous said...

I like it! Walk into a night club, show your ID to prove your of a legal age to consume alcohol and when the “bouncer” returns your ID, he also hands you a revolver to tote around to serve as protection in case some lunatic bursts in and starts shooting people randomly! It reminds me of the classic “All in the Family” episode when Archie went on TV to advocate all airline passengers be given a gun as they board the plane to thwart hijackers. (Uh-oh! I’m volunteering my age!)

Of course I’m joking, because what happened at that club in Orlando is as horrific as it gets, but it did give me pause for thought about something, Ron, and I’d like to ask you the same question that came to my mind: Why, in your opinion, did Congress allow the ban on assault weapons to expire in 2004 without nary a debate or vote? Without any exception that I can conjure, all of sick bastards who have went on killing sprees when targeting their victims en masse (Fort Hood, the Aurora, CO movie theatre, Sikh Temple in WI, VA Tech, Newtown, CT elementary school, San Bernardino, CA Christmas Party slaughter, the Orlando nightclub, etc.) used semiautomatics. And I know, if they did NOT have this style of weapon available, they still could have carried out their sick missions regardless, but guns like that do make it much easier. And, for what it’s worth, you’re being asked this by a person who supports the 2nd Amendment whole-heartedly and is all for allowing RESPONSIBLE people to own/use firearms. Thank you in advance for your thoughts…

Ron Scarbro said...

Dear Anonymous, Sir or Madam???

I am happy to reply to your questions. I am a holder of a conceal carry permit and am often armed. I have had a permit for several years. In Minnesota where I first obtained one I had to go through an NRA school at my own expense. One of the first things they taught us was that a permit never allows one to carry while consuming alcohol. I carry when it is legal to do so and never carry if I am having any adult beverages. If I were in a bar and was armed, it would be incumbent on me to not have any alcohol period. Not only would I be breaking the law, I would also violate my personal ethic. Now concerning the Congress. These are political animals who function solely for their own careers. Their votes of lack of them are for political reasons only with no regard to the country. They know the country loves the 2nd amendment and are scared to death to upset the NRA. I personally own a semi-automatic handgun and would never want an assault rifle. Too big and too heavy and for me totally unnecessary. If I can't get the bad guy with my pistol, my bad. Please read next week's blog where I add to the conversation on guns and control. Thanks for your continued reading.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ron, I know you realize the portion about being given a gun as you enter a bar was nothing but an attempt at humor - there wasn't a need to explain yourself there, but thank you for taking the time anyway.
And you're answer to the latter part of my commentary was what I expected... Selfish politicians doing the CYA thing. I think they could have quickly and semi-silently kept that law in tact back in 2004 without ruffling too many NRA feathers. That style of weapon serves no purpose except to kill a lot of people in a hurry. As you said, if you can't take down the bad guy breaking into your home with a pistol, you need to find a local range and take a few lessons on how to aim better.
Have a nice weekend, and Happy Father's Day!