Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I was watching Congressman Jason Chaffetz, R. Utah this morning talking about illegal aliens who have been convicted of crimes, sentenced to jail, and then released when their sentence is served. These convicts are not deported as the law requires but rather just released back onto our streets. Mr. Chaffetz was upset and concerned as he should be. When asked by the interviewer why this was happening and what Congress was doing about it, Chaffetz said, “They don’t give us handcuffs. We refer it to the Justice Department.”

Wrong answer. This is classic passing of the buck. The fact is the Congress has something much better than handcuffs. They control the purse strings. Jason Chaffetz is Chairman of the House Oversight Committee and as such has authority that puts handcuffs to shame, so go out and oversee. The problem is simple. The Congress, a Republican majority duly elected by the people for the purpose of reining in uncontrollable government excess, isn’t doing their job.

I get weekly emails from my Congressman citing all the problems facing us as a country. What I don’t hear from him is how we are going to solve them. I know about the problems. What I want to hear is what are we going to do about them.

It is no wonder that the electorate is upset. We elected a Republican Congress for the purpose of controlling Barack Obama and his minions and they are just not getting it done and now they want to be re-elected to continue the “fight.”

The liberal policies of the past seven years are destroying our economy and the Congress is just sitting by and allowing it to continue. Obamacare has been described as the biggest single deterrent to progress in our economy in recent history. The unemployment numbers are pure fiction. Illegal aliens are overrunning our borders and now Obama wants to allow Syrian “refugees” into this country without proper vetting.

We are also now learning that our own government lied to us in order to get this “Mickey Mouse” so-called treaty signed with Iran. Where is our Congressional oversight? While all of this is happening the media is busy tearing up the presses reporting on bathroom parity. It’s like I woke up on the other side of the universe. If I see a man going into a public restroom where my wife, daughter, or granddaughter has just entered, he is going to have a much bigger problem than where to tinkle. Just saying.

All this having been said, I happen to like Jason Chaffetz. I like many of the people we have elected to Congress. We just have to insist they do the jobs they were hired to do. Our continued success as a country isn’t guaranteed.  It requires constant monitoring and effort. We are a law and order country. Nobody gets to break the law and nobody gets to choose just what laws they will obey regardless of their rank or station in life. People like the Clintons, who continue to rape and pillage the world for their own gain, must be put away. We have prisons for lawbreakers and we need to use them.

I am getting to be an old man. I have never before seen the mess we have gotten ourselves into. There is no substitute for honor and law. To those of you who still support Hillary, shame on you. Your blindness to her criminal activity will come back and haunt you if she stays out of prison.

Readers of this blog, contact your Representatives and insist they take care of business. They were hired for a specific purpose. They have to turn this runaway train around. The country you save may well be your own.

Ron Scarbro

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