Wednesday, June 29, 2016


The FBI has been involved in a criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton and other members of her criminal enterprise for well over a year. It is not now nor has it ever been a “security review” or whatever Hillary calls it. It is a criminal investigation. All during this investigation there have been little leaks released which clearly would lead any thinking person to the conclusion that indictments were on the horizon.

At the same time this criminal investigation is going on, Hillary is running for President. It boggles the mind.

The first point I want to make is this. The FBI doesn’t go through these types of investigations without good reason. There is now and there has been sufficient   evidence to conclude that crimes have been committed. And not just with the e-mail scandal. There is evidence that favors were bought and paid for by foreign governments and foreign individuals as well as our own citizens while Hillary was Secretary of State. That money has been dutifully deposited in the catch-all cesspool known as “The Clinton Foundation” which incidentally is being managed by Chelsea Clinton for a salary of $3,000,000 per year. The dirty money in this so-called fund is in the hundreds of millions.

And so the Democrats wait for the other shoe to fall. Obama had withheld his endorsement of Hillary waiting for the coast to clear. Joe Biden is crossing his fingers. Bernie doesn’t know what to think. He knows that the system is rigged against him but he also knows that she may well be in an orange jumpsuit by Election Day. Meanwhile the country waits.

Attention FBI Director James Comey, quit slow walking this investigation. If you have a case, get the indictments and serve them. Attention Justice Dept. Stop looking for ways to excuse this criminal activity and get on with the jobs you are supposed to do. It is obvious to anyone who pays attention that Hillary Clinton has violated the law and exposed this country and our top secrets to foreign eyes. There is little doubt also that the Clintons have become obscenely wealthy by selling access and favors to anyone who is willing to pay the price. By withholding the information from the American people, the FBI is exposing us all to a huge problem.

Here is what will happen. If, after all that has been leaked, Hillary isn’t indicted, there will be riots in the street. If the FBI waits much longer in this election year to release their findings and she is indicted, there will be riots in the street by both Bernie fans and Hillary fans. Quite frankly it is unfair to all parties to slow walk this investigation.

Personally I don’t give a “tinker’s damn” if Hillary is inconvenienced. I don’t even care if the Democrats are thrown into a bigger mess than they already have. My concern is for this country. The sight of a Presidential candidate doing the “perp” walk in an orange jumpsuit, while appealing to many of us, would be horrendous to the country’s psyche. I worry about the financial markets. The sooner this is dealt with and past us, the better for all concerned. Hillary doesn’t have the grace to do the right thing and bow out. She is going to wait for the judicial system to bow her out. Oh well.

To those of you who don’t believe this country will prosecute Hillary, let me give you this bit of truth. If we don’t, the very idea of law and order will be thrown out of the windows. The Justice Dept. will have no choice. We just need to get this over with.

Ron Scarbro


Anonymous said...

Hi Ron – First, I hope your family and you have a delightful and safe “USA Birthday Celebration” weekend! Now, onto my question…
This is what you wrote earlier this week – “Here is what will happen. If, after all that has been leaked, Hillary isn’t indicted, there will be riots in the street.”

Other than possibly a few fans of BS (aka “Bernie Sanders”), who do you suppose will riot if she’s not charged? “The “Black Lives Matter”, or any other minority group, won’t cause a disturbance over this. I can’t see the LGBT gang becoming visibly worked up, and (and I’m unsure if this is a positive or negative) Republicans/Conservatives don’t form mobs and take to the streets to rebel for any cause. What we do is, well, what YOU’RE doing… we articulate our anger and frustration by writing opinion pieces that are basically read by the choir or go on the radio and vent to conservative talk show hosts.

Here’s the sad truth – Most Hillary supporters are uninformed voters, and uninformed voters simply don’t care about these improprieties, just like they didn’t care about Benghazi. The people supporting Hillary (1) are doing so because they hate Trump, (2) will vote Democrat regardless of who is on the ticket and (3) are ignorant.

They’re the same people who watched and heard former President BILL Clinton perjure himself in 1998 when he said “I did not have sex with that woman” on television. Perjury – Lie while under oath; an impeachable offense. The populous did NOT care! Unless it’s something that affects them, their families or their wallets, “Apathy” is the name of their game.

I’m with you! She should be starring in her own reality series by now “Orange Is the New Black – Hillary Style!” for all of the injustices she’s committed but the FBI continues to lollygag and no one except for the talking heads on Fox News are saying anything about it. Like you, I wish the FBI would step on the gas pedal and speed this thing along, but like so many Americans, they just don’t seem to give a rip, either.

Ron Scarbro said...

I am happy to reply to your question. You are absolutely right in your appraisal that conservative people will not react. But they should. I heard recently that 49% of Hillary supporters would vote for her even if she were in prison. That further supports your suggestion that they are at least ignorant. I am a man of faith. I have faith in the American people. I also have faith in the system. I also hope for the sake of the country that Comey gets off his ass and gets the indictments filed. At least the morons who do support her will have to think a bit. In all reality, the ball is in the FBI's court and they have the power. In the meantime, it is great to be 75 years old. I've done my time. If America goes down this hideous road, the future is indeed grim. My children are tough and armed. I will watch from Heaven as they fight the good fight. Happy 4th. I will post a message that day.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your prompt reply, Ron. I am most certainly a "glass is half full" kinda guy, so like you, I want to have faith in our fellow Americans to do the right thing, but as that great American philosopher, Forrest Gump, once said, "Stupid is as stupid does"!

The voting public has made a habit of letting us down, at least in Presidential elections. Romney was such a better choice over Obama, but the "uninformed" voters afforded him four more years anyway. Geez...
I haven't a clue why Comey is so slowly kicking this can down the road - it doesn't make sense. DO YOUR JOB, Sir! That's all we ask!

Let's hope you're years and years from having to watch your young'ins from inside the "Pearly Gates", Ron. I'm sure they prefer you hang around awhile and continue to help them fight an even better fight!