Monday, July 4, 2016


The citizens of Great Britain have voted themselves out of the European Union. It appears the Brits were tired of the “status quo.” They were tired of foreigners coming into their country taking their jobs and the easy, liberal welfare benefits foreigners received  paid for by the British taxpayers. So, the Brits declared their independence from the European Union. Hmmm, I wonder where they got the idea to declare their independence.

Isn’t it ironic? Today we celebrate our independence from that very same country. We declared our independence from England just a few short decades ago. We were tired of the subjugation. We were tired of taxation without representation. In all ways we were tired of being governed and controlled by a foreign government so we said enough. I think the average Brit felt much the same way as did our forefathers. We needed to be independent. We needed to be responsible for ourselves and so did they.

Of course this isn’t going to be easy for them. It wasn’t easy for us. I hope and I believe that it won’t come to armed conflict, but the Brits are going to have to fight for their sovereignty and their independence. The other Europeans who have gotten used to Britain’s money are not going to give up easily. Germany has announced that any trade agreement between the EU and England will only be allowed if Great Britain continues to let foreign workers into their country to work. This will be a major sticking point because this is one of the primary reasons the Brits wanted out of the EU. England will close their borders as any independent country would.

If you listen to the average man in the street the British are also fed up with the increasing number of immigrants coming into their country. They are tired of the increase in crime and the terrible cost to the average taxpayer that this immigration has caused. They are tired of neighborhoods turning into ghettos. Their vote has caused the resignation of their sitting Prime Minister, David Cameron, and will create a new government. They will be in a state of flux for a time but I believe they will overcome the obstacles and succeed.

How similar is the situation we face today in our own country. In fact, we may have to declare our independence again. But this time it will be our independence from what our government has become. The reason Trump is as popular as he is seems rather simple. The average man in the street is tired of what we have become and the direction we are headed. America has always been a “center right” country. Obama was an experiment that has obviously failed. Hillary is another experiment. I sincerely believe she also would be a failure if for any reason America chose her to be President. Today she is more apt to be in prison than in the White House.

For some unknown reason today’s liberals seem to despise our traditions. They seem not to want to be governed by a constitution that has served us so well for over two hundred years. Many see themselves as citizens of the world rather than just Americans. I believe they are in for a jolt come November. Traditional Americans are going to take this country back. I fear for us if this doesn’t happen at the ballot box. There is growing unrest all around this country. Gun sales are going through the roof. People are getting ready for the worst case scenario. That worst case scenario would be the election of any Clinton, period.

But today we celebrate. We celebrate our courage and our grit. We declared ourselves independent before and we may well do it again.

Happy Birthday America.

Ron Scarbro

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