Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Comedian Jeff Foxworthy released a piece on the internet recently in which he stated that we are a country created by geniuses but run by idiots. To some that may seem a bit harsh but I think the events of the past few days bear this out.

Just this past week Obama said that we will continue to fight against terrorism through diplomacy and negotiation. Say what? ISIS has no diplomats. They have no negotiators. What they have are blood thirsty, power hungry, baby killers. They are not a state. They are not a country. They are a gang of killers being run by cowards who send minions out to do their dirty work. Who does Obama propose that we negotiate with? With whom should our diplomat visit to have talks?

This Administration gives stupidity a PH.D. In a recent address to the media by  Attorney General Loretta Lynch concerning the Orlando massacre, she offered as a solution to radical killers mowing down innocents, the thought that we just don’t show them enough love and respect. She seems to think that by showing these radical, beheading baby killers we are a loving people they will just throw away their weapons and we can all get together and sing Kumbaya. Hell, we can bake cookies and have lemonade.

Obama, Hillary, Kerry, Lynch, and the entire bunch seem to be of one mind. If we just put our heads in the sand, this will go away. Maybe the cowards who are ISIS will just get tired of killing children and go back to their goat herds.

Are these people out of their minds? You cannot negotiate with a rattlesnake. Radical Islam has but one goal and that is the total destruction of us all and our way of life. How do you negotiate with someone whose only point is to kill you before anything else can be discussed?

By their continued refusal to identify our enemy as radical Islam, the Obama Administration, under the banner of “political correctness,” is attempting to lessen our resolve to destroy this enemy. These radical baby killers have declared war on us, not the other way around and that seems to be inconvenient news for the Obama Administration. Oh, and by the way, the killer in Nice, France did not use an assault rifle. He used an assault truck. Should we now consider banning trucks?

The American people will not just sit around and wait for the next shoe to fall. We are far more likely to kick it over. Here is a pure reality. We could, at a moment’s notice, put together the necessary armaments to eliminate not only ISIS but the majority of the Middle East and we could do that in a matter of minutes. If these morons want to live in the seventh century, we could bomb them back there in an instant.

In our history we sat on our hands while Hitler roared across Europe. We stood by idly as Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and very nearly destroyed our entire Pacific Fleet. Eventually we decided that we had had enough and we handled it. We need to respond to this threat now.

Nobody wants to go to war. But remember the song by Kenny Rogers “The Coward of the County?” In the last line of that song are the words, “sometimes you gotta fight if you’re a man.” The time for talking has come and gone. It is long past time for men to rise up. We are either going to kill them there or we will have to kill them here. Killing them over there is a lot less messy than having to kill them here.

Ron Scarbro

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