Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Did you know that black people represent approximately thirteen percent of our population? Did you further know that between 1980 and 2008, according to the Department of Justice statistics, black perpetrators committed 52% of the homicides in this country and that those homicides were committed by fifteen to thirty-four year olds? That group represents three percent of the black population. So then 52% of homicides in this country are committed by 3% of a population of 13% of Americans. While math is not my specialty, it doesn’t take much calculation to realize that black people kill a lot of people and incidentally most of their victims are black.

We also know that white people are twice as likely to be killed by police officers as black people even though black people commit at least as much crime if not more than white people.

Liberals bemoan the fact that our prisons are populated largely by black inmates. While that is a fact, the reason is that on a per capita basis, black people commit far more crimes that do whites.

Let’s not forget that this “Black Lives Matter” group got its start from the Ferguson lie. When Michael Brown attempted to kill a police officer, he himself was killed in self defense. His cohort in crime lied and told the press that Brown had his hands up and was saying don’t shoot when he was killed. That has proven to be a complete lie.

Since that lie was published, hundreds of people have been killed in Baltimore, Chicago, and many cities across this country. Just today I saw a group of black protesters marching with their hands in the air chanting “don’t shoot.” This is the mantra of the “Black Lives Matter” hate group. It is all based on a lie. A lie incidentally pushed and promulgated by the liberal media who must take a lot of the blame for  the bloodshed it has caused.

There are some very simple answers to the problem black people seem to have with the police. It starts and ends with the word “respect.” If a police officer says stop, you stop. If he says go, you go. If he says I am going to detain you until I can figure out what’s going on, you submit to the detention. If he places you under arrest, you submit to the arrest. If you fight, you are going to lose. He is armed with a gun, a vest, and back up. After the smoke clears, then and only then can any discussion be held. The facts will come out and if you are innocent, you will be released.

Contrary to the news that is being spewed today, the police don’t plant evidence. They don’t shoot people just because they are having a bad day or because someone is a minority. Black or white you are far more likely to be killed by a falling meteor than by a policeman’s service weapon.

The so-called black leaders also known as “race baiters” are doing no favors to anyone by continuing to preach hate and fear. They should be preaching trust and respect for law and order. If there was no police presence in the black community, the murder rate would soar and of course the victims would be the residents of that community.

Black people must stop seeing themselves as victims. They fare better in America than in any nation on earth. They say they want to be treated as equals. That just isn’t true. What they want is to be treated as a special group with special privilege. That isn’t going to happen.

You want to succeed? Stop making babies out of wedlock. Obey the law. Get educated. Respect law and law enforcement. Pull your pants up and clean up your language.

Some may find these suggestions inconvenient. Too bad. The truth is often inconvenient.

Ron Scarbro

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