Wednesday, July 27, 2016

0 FOR 4

Marilyn Mosby, cop hating, racist, State’s Attorney for Baltimore City, has gone 0 for 4 in her persecution/prosecution of the police officers who were called upon to arrest criminal thug Freddie Gray with the latest acquittal just a couple of weeks ago.

You will surely remember the Freddie Gray incident. Gray was chased down and arrested by a number of Baltimore police officers who, during the arrest and subsequent transport, were alleged to be guilty of murder when Gray died in their custody. Mosby decided to indict them and charge them with murder. If ever there was an overcharge this was it. At the absolute outside they could be guilty of possible mishandling of a prisoner by not belting him in, but no, Mosby, in her judicial wisdom, decided the police had murdered this poor hapless man. What utter nonsense. This is the kind of crap that makes the job of police officer even more difficult. Any two-bit politician can, for her political gain, make any charge she wishes. Apparently the prosecutors in Baltimore don’t have the courage to say no to her.

Every police officer in every major city should mail in their badges and let these slick politicians fend for themselves. Can you just imagine what a city like Baltimore would look like with no police protection? It would be anarchy and mayhem. It is almost that even with police protection.

All across this country our police departments are under attack. Police officers have giant targets on their backs. Disaffected punks with no sense of morality or purpose have taken it upon themselves to kill off the police in our cities. These thugs are terrorists, period. Some may even believe they are doing the work of some foreign terrorist organization or just crazy enough to think they have support for their criminal actions. Any way you look at it, they are just terrorists.

One of the main problems with this attack on the police is that the people we have elected to defend our nation and support our police seem to look the other way. In some cases they even side with the criminals. Many years ago I wrote a column that suggested that if you think police officers are pigs, the next time you are in trouble, call a hippie. Then and only then might you come to appreciate what the policeman does for you.

Ultimately these attacks on the police will end. There isn’t going to be a race war. That would be the height of stupidity. The few who are causing the problems will be either rounded up and jailed or just shot down in the street. Until then they will be like ants at a picnic. They will harass and they will be pests, but in the final analysis, they will be squashed like the bugs they are.

As a military veteran I am often thanked for my service and I appreciate that. Today and every day though we should be thanking the police officers who put themselves on the line every day for our safety. Can you even imagine what our lives would be like if there was no police presence? God forbid.

To any cops who might be reading this, thank you for your service. I hope you understand that the great majority of citizens support and appreciate you.

Ron Scarbro

Just today July 27, The Wall Street Journal reported that all charges have been dropped against all of the police officers involved in this case. The prosecution/persecution against these police officers has ended. The city of Baltimore and their entire judicial system should be ashamed and thrown out of office especially Marilyn Mosby. That city does not deserve the police department they have.

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