Wednesday, August 3, 2016


In our history one man held more power than anyone. He was not a President or a Senator. In fact he wasn’t elected to any office. He wasn’t even a billionaire with extensive holdings. He was just a civil servant. But he was the head of the FBI and his name was J. Edgar Hoover.

His power came not from wealth of money or real estate. No, his power came from what he knew about the people in power. He had the dirt on all of them. He had files on the so-called rich and powerful. He called the tune, and they danced to that tune.

We have a similar situation developing today. It has been reported that the “missing” emails from Hillary’s personal server and the thirty-plus thousand deleted emails are in fact in the possession of the NSA. And, it has been reported that the NSA, not the Russians, hacked the DNC emails last week at their convention.

Now this is where it gets really interesting. Some are saying that operatives inside the NSA are leaking these emails to none other than Julian Assange, head of Wikileaks, who is currently hiding out in the Embassy of Ecuador in London. The reason they are leaking this information, as reported, is that they believe Hillary put them all in serious jeopardy by her carelessness and her criminal activity in the handling of top secret information through her personal server. This is how they are going to get even.

That puts Assange in a position of extreme power. He can and will blackmail Hillary and the Democrats to get whatever he wants. Hoover was in a similar position but it appears he was enough of a patriot to restrain himself to only extort what he thought was best for the FBI. He was able to get the necessary funding to make the FBI the most elite criminal investigation agency in the world. Who would say no to him?

This is where it gets even more interesting. Assange is not an American. Plus he is wanted in Switzerland for sex crimes. Also he is quite irritated with the world for putting him in this awkward position. In my opinion Assange will blackmail and extort until he gets what he wants or until he is otherwise dealt with legally. He really doesn’t care.

Remember Dennis Hastert? Hastert was a Republican Speaker of the House who, after retirement from the House, was arrested for lying to the FBI and other money crimes. He was being blackmailed by a victim of his sexual abuse as a wrestling coach in high school. Today, after paying millions in extortion to his blackmailer, Hastert sits in prison for his crimes. I guess it’s true what they say, “Crime really doesn’t pay.”

So, where does this put us? How much is the NSA willing to give Assange in order to exact punishment on Hillary? How much is Hillary willing to give Assange to keep her crimes silent? How much is the Democrat Party willing to give up in order to keep Hillary in the Presidential race and out of jail? I am reminded of a little adage I heard when I was a youngster. “God oh God the trouble I receive when at first I try to deceive.” Still rings true today, huh?

In the final analysis the American people will be the ultimate judge. Some will still vote for this lying political hack regardless of her crimes. We can only hope that enough Americans will see her for what she truly is and send her packing. That is our hope and our prayer.

Ron Scarbro

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