Wednesday, August 10, 2016


I can remember when lying was bad, a no-no, even illegal. Dishonest people were shunned. Today lying has become an Olympic sport. Let’s look at some of the whoppers we have been fed recently and these are but a tiny few of the many.

I’ll begin with the big lie that was started back in the early seventies. “We are running out of oil.” Do you remember the long lines at service stations? That lie was the impetus for the “green movement.” Whacked out environmental radicals came out of the woodwork. They caused us to sort through our garbage and forced us to turn off our air conditioners and stop using our outdoor grills. Plastic became a monster. Toilets no longer flushed and light bulbs no longer put out enough light. The uptick of this big lie was the creation of junk science’s biggest whopper, “man caused global warming.” Well today gasoline is under $2 a gallon. Why, you ask? Because of the glut of oil available. In fact there is so much oil that they can’t use it fast enough. So much for the “oil shortage” and all that lie has caused.

More recently the lies have continued to come. Ferguson, MO gave us the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie. It never happened. That lie created the “black lives matter” movement and now literally hundreds of innocent people have been killed along with a number of police officers. That lie has caused riots in major cities like Baltimore where police officers were fed to the lions until saner heads took back control. Apparently black lies don’t matter.

How about Hillary’s continued lying about her illegal private e-mail server, Benghazi, and all the way back to her handling of the “bimbo eruptions” when hubby Bill was dallying with all sorts of different women. I don’t think today that she even knows what real truth is because of all the lies she has told. She is a living lie. I am still amazed that any intelligent person would even consider voting for this dishonest political hack.

And then there is Barack Obama. He couldn’t tell the truth if he was on his deathbed. From where he was born to who paid for his education to what sort of grades he earned. He lied to get elected and lied all the way to Obamacare. He lied to get it passed. You do not have the choices you were told. Premiums are continuing to go up, not down. Major insurance carriers are bailing out of the program and soon it will die because it was born of a lie.

Then there is the Iranian nuclear deal. It’s all a lie. The rogue government of Iran got everything they wanted and we got nothing but the very real threat of a nuclear armed thug government in Iran. Eventually we are going to have to deal with these people and it is not going to be pretty. I can only hope that we have a true American in the White House when that eventuality occurs.

The crowning glory of Obama’s lies came to light just this past week. We paid a 400 million dollar ransom for the release of four American hostages held by Iran. To get in front of cameras and say this wasn’t ransom is an insult to all intelligent Americans. Obama’s actions were and are against the law. He should be ashamed, but of course he isn’t and will never be. His arrogance won’t allow it.

All the while our Republican Congress sits on their hands and does nothing. I understand it is too late to impeach this charlatan but it is not too late to take back control of this country from would be tyrants who think they are above the law.

Liars lie. It’s what they do. When we allow it, we are no better than the liars themselves.

Ron Scarbro


Jwo- said...

Ron, good post! The Socialist-Globalist(S-G) are reshaping the battlefield and our country is on life support, as we transition from the greatness we were to the next Europe. And they aren't just Democraps. This election has really pulled back the curtain on the complicit cronie Right and the undermining that is eroding us. The S-G Left, cronie Right & media split billion$ and we are their fodder. Europe is lost and we'll soon follow, especially if the Hillarbitch is elected. Europe is now in a breeding war that they cannot win, due to the S-G dominance of their politics. Open borders and the stupidity of importing Muslims has sealed their fate. The government sanctioned social programs that supports the breeding is like throwing pizza underneath the woodwork, in a roach infested 'aint good! And we're following suit! China is brazenly positioning itself to take over as world leader...and what does our POS-in-Chief continue doing? Spending our money like its actually his and like he's the richest man in the world! Whether on his personal wishes or whatever agenda needs millions (Iran hostages, Michelle's friends in Canada, more vacations and entourages than can't be imagined, etc), he's the Player-in-Chief. I'm with you in being aghast at anyone who would vote for the Hillarbitch but 50% of her followers would vote for her if she were incarcerated. Isn't that beyond belief? If Trump can get elected and fulfill just half of his promises, we have a chance to change things...Blacks will (maybe?) wake up and realize what opportunity and a thriving economy can do for them and maybe...just maybe...uncouple themselves from their worthless peers that want to remain enslaved in vast complexes and social programs by Democraps. Immigrants can find the dreams they seek and realize that illegals hurt them maybe the most of all groups! Europe (as always) will learn from us and hopefully revive its heritage and those muslims that integrate, comply and don't kill themselves and many others, will find the promise of freedom and growth. But its gonna be close and with the media fostering the hate & division, the hill only gets steeper!

This election is uglier than homemade soap but as I was telling a good friend earlier, GOD doesn't send a super-hero to save us. I'm sure just about every Jew soldier scoffed at little David and his slingshot and voiced their derision at sending him, as their representative, to take on Goliath...but he was GOD's warrior. Trump may not be what some may like...but the repercussions don't give us a choice. Trump and his 'slingshot'...or we're toast!

GOD help us!


Anonymous said...

John 5:19

Anonymous said...

1 John 5:19