Wednesday, December 18, 2013


War has been declared on religion in general and on Christianity specifically. The left wing progressive liberal movement has decided that they prefer to worship the god of big government. Along with them are the radical environmentalists. They have attempted to advance the Godless and arrogant theory of man-caused global warming with the idea that man is in charge of nature instead the other way around with man being subject to the laws of nature. One would think if you are hugging a tree, you would realize that man cannot, and has never been able to, create a tree. Just a thought.

As a rule I have tried to stay away from religious matters in my columns. I have always believed that one’s religion is very private and personal and should remain that way. That having been said, and since we are in one of the most holy seasons of the year for Christians, something needs to be said about Christmas in the face of this war. As for me and my house, Christmas is the “Mass of Christ.” While we have a joyous time with the tree, the presents, and the great music, in the final analysis Christmas is a celebration of the birth of the Christ child. We never forget that and encourage you to do the same.

In a recent poll, some 67% of those polled proclaim Christianity as their religion. Christians don’t deny anybody else whatever religion they choose. In fact Christians even tolerate those with no religion, the atheists. Christians are not at war with anybody. All we have ever asked is that non-Christians tolerate our beliefs as well. Whether you choose to celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday or a secular holiday, that is your choice. Please have the grace to tolerate our choice of celebration.

I believe I know the truth. I further believe that someday we all will know the truth. If you would rather hug a tree or even a politician as your religion, that’s okay with me. Just leave me and mine alone to our choice as to whom we will hug.

A short time ago I had the very good fortune of visiting with a gentleman who was a retired preacher and a sufferer of terminal heart disease. Some of you might remember him from the web. He was Tommie Joiner or, as he was known to his blog readers, Bo Lumpkin. He knew his time on this earth was short. In fact I learned just today that he had died last month.  I asked him then how he was dealing with his condition and the fact that he may soon die? His answer was both simple and profound. He said, “In many ways I’m looking forward to it because I have read the Book and I know how it ends.” Well I too have read the Book and I also know how it ends. I recommend the Book for your reading. There is a great deal of comfort in knowing how it will all end.

I hope as you look forward to Christmas that you will find comfort and peace. Comfort and peace in the knowledge that we are not alone and that a force much greater than mere man is in control.

I will leave you with this quote which was recently sent to me. “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” That pretty much says it all.

Merry Christmas,

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


There is so much happening I don’t know where to start. How about the eighty- five year old Korean War veteran who decided to travel to North Korea for a visit?? Other than moron Dennis Rodman, who travels to North Korea for a visit? Well he came within a breath of dying in a North Korean prison camp. He decided to go walking through a snake pit and he very nearly got bit. All that was accomplished was a propaganda opportunity for the North Koreans, and they took advantage of it. They probably think they scored some big coup when in reality they just showed the world that they are nothing more than bullying thugs who take advantage of old men.

Then, in an effort to divert attention away from Obamacare and the disaster it has become, we have entered into an agreement with another bunch of liars, Iran. Because they are such good guys, they have agreed to stop their pursuit of nuclear weapons if we will end the obviously effective and crippling sanctions we and the world have put upon them. What could possibly go wrong with that deal? I’ll give you a moment or two to think about it.

This morning the latest polls show Obama’s favorability rating in a dead fall the likes of which are unprecedented. He has long since lost all Republicans and now he has lost the Independents. If I were a Democrat and I was thinking I might want to run for office or try to be re-elected, I think I would pay attention to Obama’s favorability ratings. As he goes, so goes all Democrats. Therefore, before I attempted to sell myself to the voters, I think I would try to come up with, for example, a better health care fix than Obamacare. Train wrecks are tough to be proud of and even tougher to run on.

Here’s another little item in the news. In Colorado a six year old kindergartner has been kicked out of school and charged with sexual harassment. His crime, he kissed a little girl on her hand. The charge of sexual harassment is on his permanent record. I was asked what I would say to the group responsible for this bit of stupidity if they were gathered in my living room for a discussion. First let me just say this, I doubt I would allow this group of morons in my living room. That having been said, I think I would ask them what in the world they are thinking. Is this really about sexual harassment or is it something else, like for example, forcing their definition of political correctness on the world? Do they believe they are so superior to the rest of us that they have the right and the responsibility to set the rules for all of us? Are they really so stupid as to believe that a six year old little boy even knows what sexual harassment is or that he is capable of it? By the time I got through with my assessment of their actions and my vivid pronouncements to their faces what the meaning of stupidity is, they might prefer to be in North Korea rather than in my living room.

Finally, even though our Congress is basically, by their own choice, toothless, Obama is still going to have to explain and defend Benghazi, the NSA bugging, Fast and Furious, and the IRS debacle. Democrats running for office are going to have to deal with these scandals and they are going to have to defend Obamacare. That is the snake pit from which there is no escape.

Ron Scarbro December 11, 2013 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


The Salem witch trials and burnings were never about witchcraft. They were all about control. The burnings were designed to quash any challenge to the power of the paternal society that governed those people. It probably worked for a time. I see the “man-caused global warming” hoax as modern day witch hunting. Look at the industries that have been spawned by this nonsense.

The “green movement” for example. We have automobile manufacturers designing hybrid cars because of the green movement. If you want to drive a tin box on the same highways as semis, that’s your choice. If you want to sort through your garbage separating your glass from your paper, that’s your choice. If you want to ride your little bicycle in heavy vehicle traffic, or worry about some polar bears in the Arctic, go ahead.

You might want to think about this though. One volcanic eruption on some faraway island in the Pacific or in Iceland negates all of the years of the green movement in seconds. Years and years of man’s “green” efforts are destroyed by ten seconds of volcanic eruption. Oh, and volcanic eruption is not man caused according to my best understanding.

I don’t want this to come as too big of a shock to you but, man is not in charge of this planet or of this universe. We are visitors at best. We do not control the weather. We do not control volcanic eruptions. We cannot stop hurricanes or tornadoes. We can’t make it rain and we can’t stop the rain. Our only ability to warm ourselves is with clothing and home heaters. We cool ourselves with fans and air conditioning.

Early man danced by the fire to please the weather gods. It didn’t change the weather.  

I don’t know if polar bears are supposed to become extinct. I don’t know if Dodo birds were supposed to become extinct. I don’t know if the polar ice cap is supposed to reduce and if the sea level is supposed to rise. I don’t know because I don’t have a copy of the “Master Plan” and nobody else does either. The so-called scientific community certainly doesn’t have a copy of the plan. They just run around looking for ways to make themselves relevant. Governments then take their musings and create ways to control the population.

Here is my offer to the scientists. When you can stop a hurricane in its tracks or stop a volcanic eruption, then I will start to consider your ideas as believable. When you can create rain in drought ridden areas or stop that rain during floods, then I will consider you to be the expert you would have me believe you are. Otherwise you are, to me, just individuals trying to make yourselves important and relevant to the world. Your theories and machinations are just that, theories and machinations.

Personally I hate waste. I believe in stewardship of the earth and its inhabitants. I conserve, not for some junk science theory, but because it makes good sense and it is the right thing to do. I don’t throw trash into the street and I abhor those who do. I don’t drive a tin box car and I don’t ride a bicycle in traffic.

In just the past few years we have been led to believe, according to Dr. Paul R. Ehrlich, that the world will run out of food. That was supposed to happen twenty- five years ago. We have had long gas lines because we were running out of oil. Now we have a glut. Today instead of global warming, we are experiencing global cooling. Being a Phd or a professor doesn’t necessarily make you smart. There is a difference between intelligent and smart.  

And finally this. We should just leave the witches alone. We might be better off if we burned scientists instead.  

Ron Scarbro