Wednesday, December 4, 2013


The Salem witch trials and burnings were never about witchcraft. They were all about control. The burnings were designed to quash any challenge to the power of the paternal society that governed those people. It probably worked for a time. I see the “man-caused global warming” hoax as modern day witch hunting. Look at the industries that have been spawned by this nonsense.

The “green movement” for example. We have automobile manufacturers designing hybrid cars because of the green movement. If you want to drive a tin box on the same highways as semis, that’s your choice. If you want to sort through your garbage separating your glass from your paper, that’s your choice. If you want to ride your little bicycle in heavy vehicle traffic, or worry about some polar bears in the Arctic, go ahead.

You might want to think about this though. One volcanic eruption on some faraway island in the Pacific or in Iceland negates all of the years of the green movement in seconds. Years and years of man’s “green” efforts are destroyed by ten seconds of volcanic eruption. Oh, and volcanic eruption is not man caused according to my best understanding.

I don’t want this to come as too big of a shock to you but, man is not in charge of this planet or of this universe. We are visitors at best. We do not control the weather. We do not control volcanic eruptions. We cannot stop hurricanes or tornadoes. We can’t make it rain and we can’t stop the rain. Our only ability to warm ourselves is with clothing and home heaters. We cool ourselves with fans and air conditioning.

Early man danced by the fire to please the weather gods. It didn’t change the weather.  

I don’t know if polar bears are supposed to become extinct. I don’t know if Dodo birds were supposed to become extinct. I don’t know if the polar ice cap is supposed to reduce and if the sea level is supposed to rise. I don’t know because I don’t have a copy of the “Master Plan” and nobody else does either. The so-called scientific community certainly doesn’t have a copy of the plan. They just run around looking for ways to make themselves relevant. Governments then take their musings and create ways to control the population.

Here is my offer to the scientists. When you can stop a hurricane in its tracks or stop a volcanic eruption, then I will start to consider your ideas as believable. When you can create rain in drought ridden areas or stop that rain during floods, then I will consider you to be the expert you would have me believe you are. Otherwise you are, to me, just individuals trying to make yourselves important and relevant to the world. Your theories and machinations are just that, theories and machinations.

Personally I hate waste. I believe in stewardship of the earth and its inhabitants. I conserve, not for some junk science theory, but because it makes good sense and it is the right thing to do. I don’t throw trash into the street and I abhor those who do. I don’t drive a tin box car and I don’t ride a bicycle in traffic.

In just the past few years we have been led to believe, according to Dr. Paul R. Ehrlich, that the world will run out of food. That was supposed to happen twenty- five years ago. We have had long gas lines because we were running out of oil. Now we have a glut. Today instead of global warming, we are experiencing global cooling. Being a Phd or a professor doesn’t necessarily make you smart. There is a difference between intelligent and smart.  

And finally this. We should just leave the witches alone. We might be better off if we burned scientists instead.  

Ron Scarbro

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