Wednesday, December 18, 2013


War has been declared on religion in general and on Christianity specifically. The left wing progressive liberal movement has decided that they prefer to worship the god of big government. Along with them are the radical environmentalists. They have attempted to advance the Godless and arrogant theory of man-caused global warming with the idea that man is in charge of nature instead the other way around with man being subject to the laws of nature. One would think if you are hugging a tree, you would realize that man cannot, and has never been able to, create a tree. Just a thought.

As a rule I have tried to stay away from religious matters in my columns. I have always believed that one’s religion is very private and personal and should remain that way. That having been said, and since we are in one of the most holy seasons of the year for Christians, something needs to be said about Christmas in the face of this war. As for me and my house, Christmas is the “Mass of Christ.” While we have a joyous time with the tree, the presents, and the great music, in the final analysis Christmas is a celebration of the birth of the Christ child. We never forget that and encourage you to do the same.

In a recent poll, some 67% of those polled proclaim Christianity as their religion. Christians don’t deny anybody else whatever religion they choose. In fact Christians even tolerate those with no religion, the atheists. Christians are not at war with anybody. All we have ever asked is that non-Christians tolerate our beliefs as well. Whether you choose to celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday or a secular holiday, that is your choice. Please have the grace to tolerate our choice of celebration.

I believe I know the truth. I further believe that someday we all will know the truth. If you would rather hug a tree or even a politician as your religion, that’s okay with me. Just leave me and mine alone to our choice as to whom we will hug.

A short time ago I had the very good fortune of visiting with a gentleman who was a retired preacher and a sufferer of terminal heart disease. Some of you might remember him from the web. He was Tommie Joiner or, as he was known to his blog readers, Bo Lumpkin. He knew his time on this earth was short. In fact I learned just today that he had died last month.  I asked him then how he was dealing with his condition and the fact that he may soon die? His answer was both simple and profound. He said, “In many ways I’m looking forward to it because I have read the Book and I know how it ends.” Well I too have read the Book and I also know how it ends. I recommend the Book for your reading. There is a great deal of comfort in knowing how it will all end.

I hope as you look forward to Christmas that you will find comfort and peace. Comfort and peace in the knowledge that we are not alone and that a force much greater than mere man is in control.

I will leave you with this quote which was recently sent to me. “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” That pretty much says it all.

Merry Christmas,

Ron Scarbro

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