Wednesday, October 30, 2013


In St. Paul, Minnesota there is a radio program called “Garage Logic.” Its host, Joe Soucheray, often says that he believes he just isn’t made for these times. I feel much the same way.

I clearly remember as a youngster hearing the older generation railing against rock music and our style of dancing. They didn’t like the way we dressed and they said they didn’t like our cars. I, of course, dismissed their old fashioned thinking. Well, while I still believe they were just old fashioned, I now have a better understanding of their feelings.

Today I look out on the world around me and I am completely astounded at what we have become. Have I become old fashioned? I see pretty young girls defiling their faces with tattoos, piercings and hideous dress that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination. I caught a glimpse of Miley Cyrus “twerking”, if that is what you call it, on TV.  It wasn’t dancing folks, it was sex with clothes on and very little clothing at that. She and her father should be ashamed. But, of course, they are not. Babies born without fathers are so common the mothers are now known as baby mama. Young sperm donors disappear when the responsibility of fatherhood appears.

I am amazed by the number of people who believe the government owes them a living. I see young men running around with their pants down below their butts and their caps either on backwards or sideways. They look like what we called in my day dufuses.

And the movies today. What is the deal about vampires and zombies? I understand movies are supposed to be fantasy but what they call movies today is  ridiculous. The last thing on earth I would want to see as entertainment is a film about zombies or vampires starring one of these modern day wussie leading men. There is no John Wayne or Jimmy Stewart. There is no Elizabeth Taylor or Grace Kelly. No thanks, I think I will just stay home. It is more entertaining to watch leaves fall or paint dry.

Also, every time I turn on the TV set I am treated to a preview of the latest video  game for your game show console. They all seem to be blood and guts and robots and space aliens. What I think is funny is that they are rated “M” for mature. Wouldn’t “I” for immature make more sense?

Young people of today never seem to actually have face to face friends. They seem to prefer virtual friends who live only in cyberspace. That relieves them of the personal responsibility of being an actual companion. Their conversations occur online or in “tweets.” That allows them to develop phony selves with unknown personas. It is hard for me to believe the future of such relationships can be anything but disasters.

One answer is simple, the military draft. As youngsters we all knew the draft was there and all able bodied men were going to be called on to serve their country. It wasn’t if, it was only when. That knowledge permeated our thoughts and directed our actions. Today a draft for both men and women would serve both our military needs and also the needs of young, undirected or misdirected people. I know that wouldn’t be popular, but it is one answer.

I suspect many of you who read this are also not made for these times. I suspect you would also like to see us return to a time when life was simpler. The future for today’s kids is going to be rough and I don’t think they are ready for it. With all of the advancements we have made, much of our character has been abandoned. Much of what has made us who we are has disappeared. I think we need to change these times.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


The Congress has voted and the President has signed it. Obamacare goes forward.  The Republicans tried to stop it but failed. They waited until the last possible moment to make the whole scene look dramatic because, let’s face it, deadlines make headlines and in that they were successful. But in the end, they failed to defund the health care act. Now we all are left with the result of that failure.

So, what do we have? We have a website that cost the taxpayers 630-plus million dollars that doesn’t work to enroll us in a program that cannot work. And this is all being run by the same people who run the post office, the IRS, Amtrak, and several thousand other over priced programs that are equally ridiculous and unnecessary. Why should I be worried?

I have heard a lot of talk that this failure by the Republicans is a pronouncement of their doom. What do you think? What if I told you that Obamacare might just have the opposite effect? What if it turns out that Obamacare will be such a disaster that it will be the Democrats who will be the ones to suffer? After all they own it. Obamacare is not a bipartisan law. It has never had any Republican support. Before the next election all of the politicians will have to deal with the after effects of this new fiasco. It will be interesting to see how they deal with it.

Some have counseled us to be patient and wait and see what this new law produces. Okay. I can wait. Some have even said that the left wing has never believed that Obamacare would work which would then cause us to go to a single payer healthcare system similar to Canada’s or Great Britain. Apparently they think that the thousands of new doctors and healthcare workers as well as the new facilities will just suddenly appear. Again, I’ll just wait and see.

I definitely think the medical industry is too expensive. I have written about this before. There is no doubt that something has to be done. Medical costs cannot continue the way they are going. It is unsustainable. I believe medical insurance just subsidizes the ongoing high costs of care. If the insurance disappeared, the costs would necessarily come down. All Obamacare does is add more money, taxpayer money, to an already bloated industry.

I certainly am not smart enough to know what the best answer is but neither, apparently, is the combined population of Washington, DC. When, and I do believe it is when not if, Obamacare fails, what then? When doctors and hospitals refuse patients with “government insurance” where will they go for treatment? When they show up at emergency rooms and there is a two week wait to see a doctor, what then? If anybody thinks this is just magically going to fix itself, they are the ones who will have to re-examine the situation.

The time is at hand for reasonable people of good character and honor and from all walks of life, including the medical industry, to sit down together and resolve what is not a political problem but a people problem. I personally don’t care whether Republicans or Democrats win. I only hope the American people win and the only way they win is if medical care becomes affordable to everyone. It is going to take imagination. It is probably going to take sacrifice. But whatever it takes, a better answer must be found.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Have you ever heard this, “Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed?” That is, of course, from the Declaration of Independence. What that truly means is that if the governed do not consent, the government has no power.

I thought of this powerful phrase as I witnessed veterans with bolt cutters cutting the chains and locks around monuments and parks in Washington, DC during the “Million Veteran March.” Chains and locks surrounding property owned by all of us. Chains put in place by arrogant bureaucrats who have somehow decided that they are in charge of our government. It’s clear the government doesn’t have the veterans’ consent. These bureaucrats and politicians are employees of the people and the people include, among others, the veterans whose monuments they had chosen to desecrate with their chains and locks, and I do mean desecrate.

Now I recognize that this locking up of our monuments is nothing more than a presidential temper tantrum, but I really don’t care. Obama also serves at the consent of the governed and from the looks of the polls, that consent is rapidly fading. His approval ratings are now lower than President Bush’s lowest numbers. But I digress. I don’t know about you but I have just about had a belly full of childish behavior from politicians. I feel confident that the veterans with the bolt cutters feel much  the same way. The Founders would be rolling over in their graves if they could see what we have become.

Politicians of both parties have come to the decision that allegiance to their party is more important than allegiance to their country. In addition we have all watched as the lap dog liberal media has come to the aid of those who would attempt to destroy our way of life.

Well listen up media, politicians, and bureaucrats. We, the people, are fed up. I have seen recent polls and if they prove to be true, all of the elected representatives in Washington will be looking for new jobs after the 2014 election and that includes most of the Senate. Smug politicians who have given up their citizenship to the district that elected them in favor of citizenship to Washington, DC are going to be facing serious challengers for their jobs. They may want to consider looking at what they have caused. They may want to get busy and do those jobs they have been hired to do. Get this government back in business. If the debt ceiling needs to be raised, do it. You have already spent the money, finish the job.

Here we sit with no answer to all the scandals caused by the Obama Administration. The perpetrators of Benghazi are sipping coffee in Libya, the IRS continues to function as a criminal organization, the NSA continues to spy on Americans and our borders are as porous as a sieve and the people we have hired to get the answers are in hiding. Their arrogance will be rewarded in 2014.

Now this  note to any politician who may read these words. You govern by our consent. You are hired by our votes and today your job is less secure than ever.  Carefully consider your upcoming few days. They may be the most important days of your career. The people you regard so lightly, the governed,  may soon withdraw their consent and you may be looking for a real job. Oh, and with the mess you have caused to our economy, good luck with that.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


A few years back there was a comedian named Brother Dave Gardner. He was a rather irreverent southern fellow who famously offered this solution to our troubles, “Let’s make everything legal then we wouldn’t have no crime.”

It would appear that California has decided to take him up on his suggestion. Their Legislature has passed and their Governor has signed a bill which makes it legal for illegal immigrants to get a driver’s license, become practicing attorneys, and it also forbids employers from any retaliation against illegals who are employed by that employer just because they lied about their citizenship. There is probably much more in the legislation that is yet to be learned.

Here’s a question. What part of illegal does California not understand? All of the illegal trespassers in our country who work on legitimate jobs do so with stolen identities. None have a legal social security number and therefore do not participate legally in income tax. I have seen reports that say hundreds of thousands of these California illegals are paid “under the table” and never report their income.  Any public benefits they receive occur as a result of their stolen documentation. When illegal aliens attend public school, they are stealing services from our citizens. When they take jobs they are stealing them from legitimate citizens. When they go to our emergency rooms for treatment or childbirth they are stealing those services. When they receive welfare benefits or food stamps, they are stealing them from our citizenry. So, in addition to being here illegally, they are also thieves. Tell me Gov. Brown, how does a thief who is also a trespasser pass the bar and become a lawyer? They have no legal standing in America.

Now I understand we are talking about California here, but really, are they all just crazy? Entering our country without proper documentation is a crime, period. Entering Mexico or Canada without documentation is also a crime. Try to get free medical help in Canada without legal entry and see what happens.

The aging hippies in California have also decided that marijuana is medicine rather than a recreational drug and have created chaos with new laws that fly in the face of Federal law. You get a hangnail, you go to one of their many dispensaries to get a “Doctor’s prescription” and buy your dope. Better not smoke it in a Federal Park though because you could get busted. You see, the Federal Government hasn’t yet gotten on board with the state regarding their definition of marijuana as medicine. Still, if you drive under the influence of that medicine, you are a serious danger to yourself as well as all those around you. Maybe Californians just don’t care. Keep that in mind if you ever plan to visit that once beautiful state.

I have said before that laws are really unnecessary. Good people don’t need them and bad people ignore them. But, laws are how we the people deal with each other and keep ourselves safe. Truly if everything was legal we wouldn’t have any crime, but we would have chaos and anarchy for sure because we will always have wrongdoers.

Regarding illegal entry into our country. I understand why poor people from all over the globe would want to come here. But there is a legal way for this to happen. It is cumbersome for a reason. It is difficult for a reason. We need to know who is entering, where they are from, and what they may bring to us. To not know courts disaster. Maybe they should just go to California where soon everything will be legal.

Ron Scarbro October 9, 2013

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


What if they shut down the government and nobody could tell? What if they shut down the government and nobody cared? What if they discovered that “non-essential employees” were really non-essential? And, what if they discovered President Obama is one of those non-essential employees?

For the past several days we have been lectured to, harangued, warned of, and all manner of doomsday possibilities have been showered down on us. So far I haven’t noticed anything different, have you? It reminds me of the “sequester” fear mongering. What if all of this bluster is really about something else? Like, for example, 800,000 federal “non-essential” employees who are today on furlough. Doesn’t 800,000 do-nothing employees seem a little excessive to you? A reasonable question could be why do we have 800,000 non-essential employees on the federal payroll? What sort of work does a “non-essential” employee do? It’s a fair question.

Another possibility is that October 1st was the first day of Obamacare enrollment and it has been a complete disaster. Horror stories abound but they are not being reported because all the lap dog media is covering the “shutdown.” Doesn’t that seem a little too convenient? Wouldn’t you think that the impending doom of Obamacare should be worthy of an honorable mention in the media? Especially with the way it is starting out.

Concerning these federal employees, I have long believed that many, if not most, of our government employees are really paper stackers who move one stack of papers to another stack and then back again. I also believe that when they get back to their jobs, and they will, those stacks will still be there. It also occurs to me that government workers, for the most part, have jobs but they have no work. Now I don’t blame them. I blame the situation that causes government jobs. We all know that these government employees will not lose a single dime. They will get all their back pay and never lose a penny. Sure there will be inconveniences, but in the final analysis, they will be paid in full. This is just a paid vacation which seems very popular in the Obama Administration.

Of course the Republicans will get the blame for this inconvenience and so what. The national media will always blame the Republicans.

But, what if I’m right and Obamacare proves to be the disaster many have predicted. Who then will get the blame? When the smoke clears how will the Democrats explain the failure?  When all of this hits the fan, the Democrats will be scrambling just to keep their jobs let alone try to increase their numbers. We are already seeing clear examples of this impending problem. Doctors are referring patients to the emergency room because they cannot see them. Many doctors are even refusing to accept these government insured patients. Let’s face it. We are adding some thirty million new individuals who will be seeking medical care and we have not added a single new doctor, hospital, or nurse. You tell me how this could possibly work.

I worry for my children and my grandchildren. I worry for my country, but I’m an old guy. My days are truly numbered. These issues will be the problem of future generations. I worry because what if all I am saying happens? What if, indeed.

Rob Scarbro October 2, 2013