Wednesday, October 2, 2013


What if they shut down the government and nobody could tell? What if they shut down the government and nobody cared? What if they discovered that “non-essential employees” were really non-essential? And, what if they discovered President Obama is one of those non-essential employees?

For the past several days we have been lectured to, harangued, warned of, and all manner of doomsday possibilities have been showered down on us. So far I haven’t noticed anything different, have you? It reminds me of the “sequester” fear mongering. What if all of this bluster is really about something else? Like, for example, 800,000 federal “non-essential” employees who are today on furlough. Doesn’t 800,000 do-nothing employees seem a little excessive to you? A reasonable question could be why do we have 800,000 non-essential employees on the federal payroll? What sort of work does a “non-essential” employee do? It’s a fair question.

Another possibility is that October 1st was the first day of Obamacare enrollment and it has been a complete disaster. Horror stories abound but they are not being reported because all the lap dog media is covering the “shutdown.” Doesn’t that seem a little too convenient? Wouldn’t you think that the impending doom of Obamacare should be worthy of an honorable mention in the media? Especially with the way it is starting out.

Concerning these federal employees, I have long believed that many, if not most, of our government employees are really paper stackers who move one stack of papers to another stack and then back again. I also believe that when they get back to their jobs, and they will, those stacks will still be there. It also occurs to me that government workers, for the most part, have jobs but they have no work. Now I don’t blame them. I blame the situation that causes government jobs. We all know that these government employees will not lose a single dime. They will get all their back pay and never lose a penny. Sure there will be inconveniences, but in the final analysis, they will be paid in full. This is just a paid vacation which seems very popular in the Obama Administration.

Of course the Republicans will get the blame for this inconvenience and so what. The national media will always blame the Republicans.

But, what if I’m right and Obamacare proves to be the disaster many have predicted. Who then will get the blame? When the smoke clears how will the Democrats explain the failure?  When all of this hits the fan, the Democrats will be scrambling just to keep their jobs let alone try to increase their numbers. We are already seeing clear examples of this impending problem. Doctors are referring patients to the emergency room because they cannot see them. Many doctors are even refusing to accept these government insured patients. Let’s face it. We are adding some thirty million new individuals who will be seeking medical care and we have not added a single new doctor, hospital, or nurse. You tell me how this could possibly work.

I worry for my children and my grandchildren. I worry for my country, but I’m an old guy. My days are truly numbered. These issues will be the problem of future generations. I worry because what if all I am saying happens? What if, indeed.

Rob Scarbro October 2, 2013

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