Wednesday, October 23, 2013


The Congress has voted and the President has signed it. Obamacare goes forward.  The Republicans tried to stop it but failed. They waited until the last possible moment to make the whole scene look dramatic because, let’s face it, deadlines make headlines and in that they were successful. But in the end, they failed to defund the health care act. Now we all are left with the result of that failure.

So, what do we have? We have a website that cost the taxpayers 630-plus million dollars that doesn’t work to enroll us in a program that cannot work. And this is all being run by the same people who run the post office, the IRS, Amtrak, and several thousand other over priced programs that are equally ridiculous and unnecessary. Why should I be worried?

I have heard a lot of talk that this failure by the Republicans is a pronouncement of their doom. What do you think? What if I told you that Obamacare might just have the opposite effect? What if it turns out that Obamacare will be such a disaster that it will be the Democrats who will be the ones to suffer? After all they own it. Obamacare is not a bipartisan law. It has never had any Republican support. Before the next election all of the politicians will have to deal with the after effects of this new fiasco. It will be interesting to see how they deal with it.

Some have counseled us to be patient and wait and see what this new law produces. Okay. I can wait. Some have even said that the left wing has never believed that Obamacare would work which would then cause us to go to a single payer healthcare system similar to Canada’s or Great Britain. Apparently they think that the thousands of new doctors and healthcare workers as well as the new facilities will just suddenly appear. Again, I’ll just wait and see.

I definitely think the medical industry is too expensive. I have written about this before. There is no doubt that something has to be done. Medical costs cannot continue the way they are going. It is unsustainable. I believe medical insurance just subsidizes the ongoing high costs of care. If the insurance disappeared, the costs would necessarily come down. All Obamacare does is add more money, taxpayer money, to an already bloated industry.

I certainly am not smart enough to know what the best answer is but neither, apparently, is the combined population of Washington, DC. When, and I do believe it is when not if, Obamacare fails, what then? When doctors and hospitals refuse patients with “government insurance” where will they go for treatment? When they show up at emergency rooms and there is a two week wait to see a doctor, what then? If anybody thinks this is just magically going to fix itself, they are the ones who will have to re-examine the situation.

The time is at hand for reasonable people of good character and honor and from all walks of life, including the medical industry, to sit down together and resolve what is not a political problem but a people problem. I personally don’t care whether Republicans or Democrats win. I only hope the American people win and the only way they win is if medical care becomes affordable to everyone. It is going to take imagination. It is probably going to take sacrifice. But whatever it takes, a better answer must be found.

Ron Scarbro

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Jwo- said...

obamacare has been debated, ad nausea and we come to the same place...its a partisan attack on our Constitution that has happened in front of us, in the light of day and with obvious disregard for Congressional decorum and the people's will. My personal opinion is that it has only superficial attention to healthcare and is a massive government take-over, shifting balance and revamping our way of life. It massively shifts power to the Executive branch and wholly erases certain Constitutional Amendments, with the purpose of adding weighted overhead meant to topple our Government, thus marginalizing our world impact, status and influence. I know that sounds "conspiritorial"..."unbalanced"..."ridiculous"...I know. But I believe that assertion in my gut! The fact that we engaged a CANADIAN firm to build this website...sending another 1/2 billion dollars out of our economy...FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF A WEBSITE...when we have the brightest Tech-sec in the world here in the US. Why? I believe its because obamacare is about collecting information, channeling it to various government agencies and tracking/controlling the populous. An American firm so tasked with this buildout would, at some point, question why the information grab? Why do we need these questions? Why do we need to link/be compatible with the various government agency's web portals? What does the NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS, etc, have to do with the obamacare website? I have no evidence to this assertion...but I've seen enough evidence of their subtefuge, deceit and intentions to be concerned...and doubtful of every last agenda they attempt to sell.

I heard yesterday on Mark Levin that the real numbers have emerged to quantify the volume of populous obamacare was created to help. Of the 300+ million Americans, obamacare serves 8,000...EIGHT THOUSAND...and dis-serves the rest. There's no rationale to circumvent and dismantle our Constitution like this...except to "fundamentally change" our country. If I had any confidence in the Right/Republicans, I wouldn't sound so douer...but I hold little faith in our ability to mount a reversal when the enemy shapes the message, controls the airwaves and owns the ignorant masses. Illegals voting and neer-do-wells receiving, out number the constitutionalist citizenry.

GOD help us!