Wednesday, October 9, 2013


A few years back there was a comedian named Brother Dave Gardner. He was a rather irreverent southern fellow who famously offered this solution to our troubles, “Let’s make everything legal then we wouldn’t have no crime.”

It would appear that California has decided to take him up on his suggestion. Their Legislature has passed and their Governor has signed a bill which makes it legal for illegal immigrants to get a driver’s license, become practicing attorneys, and it also forbids employers from any retaliation against illegals who are employed by that employer just because they lied about their citizenship. There is probably much more in the legislation that is yet to be learned.

Here’s a question. What part of illegal does California not understand? All of the illegal trespassers in our country who work on legitimate jobs do so with stolen identities. None have a legal social security number and therefore do not participate legally in income tax. I have seen reports that say hundreds of thousands of these California illegals are paid “under the table” and never report their income.  Any public benefits they receive occur as a result of their stolen documentation. When illegal aliens attend public school, they are stealing services from our citizens. When they take jobs they are stealing them from legitimate citizens. When they go to our emergency rooms for treatment or childbirth they are stealing those services. When they receive welfare benefits or food stamps, they are stealing them from our citizenry. So, in addition to being here illegally, they are also thieves. Tell me Gov. Brown, how does a thief who is also a trespasser pass the bar and become a lawyer? They have no legal standing in America.

Now I understand we are talking about California here, but really, are they all just crazy? Entering our country without proper documentation is a crime, period. Entering Mexico or Canada without documentation is also a crime. Try to get free medical help in Canada without legal entry and see what happens.

The aging hippies in California have also decided that marijuana is medicine rather than a recreational drug and have created chaos with new laws that fly in the face of Federal law. You get a hangnail, you go to one of their many dispensaries to get a “Doctor’s prescription” and buy your dope. Better not smoke it in a Federal Park though because you could get busted. You see, the Federal Government hasn’t yet gotten on board with the state regarding their definition of marijuana as medicine. Still, if you drive under the influence of that medicine, you are a serious danger to yourself as well as all those around you. Maybe Californians just don’t care. Keep that in mind if you ever plan to visit that once beautiful state.

I have said before that laws are really unnecessary. Good people don’t need them and bad people ignore them. But, laws are how we the people deal with each other and keep ourselves safe. Truly if everything was legal we wouldn’t have any crime, but we would have chaos and anarchy for sure because we will always have wrongdoers.

Regarding illegal entry into our country. I understand why poor people from all over the globe would want to come here. But there is a legal way for this to happen. It is cumbersome for a reason. It is difficult for a reason. We need to know who is entering, where they are from, and what they may bring to us. To not know courts disaster. Maybe they should just go to California where soon everything will be legal.

Ron Scarbro October 9, 2013

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