Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Does it make any difference what Hillary’s medical situation is? Let’s think about this. I have heard opinion that even if she were convicted of all her crimes and sent to Federal Prison for life, she would still get anywhere from thirty to thirty-five percent of the vote. The fact that she may well be sick, and possibly very sick, doesn’t seem to matter to her rabid supporters. She would still get a huge number of votes.

Just look at the facts regarding her carelessness as well as her criminal activity in the handling of her private email server and classified documents. If it were anybody else or any Republican, she would be in an orange jumpsuit. Not Hillary. No, she still is running for the highest office in the land and has support.

This email business though, is just the tip of the iceberg. The next shoe to fall is the “pay for play” Clinton slush fund also known as the Clinton Foundation. For several years Hillary and Bill have been peddling influence to foreign governments as well as private citizens wanting special favors. She has gone from “abject poverty,” her words, to a net worth of well over one hundred million dollars. Pretty good when you consider neither she nor her husband have had a real job since he left the White House.

The phrase that was popularized during the Watergate troubles of the Nixon debacle, “follow the money,” should tell you everything you need to know. If you follow the money, it leads to the Clintons and to their nefarious activities. She has boldly announced that upon being elected President, she will no longer accept donations for the Foundation. How magnanimous of her. What about the hundreds of millions she has already stowed away in the bank and the certain favors already guaranteed for that money?

Something both Bill and Hillary need to understand and deal with is the fact that both of them are getting older and even if she is well, which I seriously doubt, she is still a short timer on this earth. All those millions will be spent by someone else. You might be able to beat the law, but you cannot beat father time. They have amassed this fortune through, at best, questionable ways, and to what end? All those millions will not buy either one of them a single extra day on this earth when the bell rings and their time comes.

So, do we care about her medical records? Do we care about Trump’s? Do we care about either of their IRS returns? How could you believe anything on those records anyway?

Over the years of my life I have participated in many elections. I have had happy outcomes and I have had sad ones. I have voted for some candidates and I have voted against some. My happiest vote was for Reagan, twice. I voted against Johnson but he won anyway. I voted against Obama, but as you can see, I, as well as the country, lost in those elections. This election will be my first “self defense” vote.

We are faced with yet another election where the very survival of our way of life is at stake. Shame on you if you even consider voting for possibly the worst candidate for President in the history of America. Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar and an opportunist who will do anything, say anything, and destroy anybody who stands in her way for her quest for power.

I have been accused of preaching to the choir and that’s probably true to some extent. If so, hear this sermon. It is time for you the choir to become evangelists and spread the word. America cannot afford another disaster at the polls. Obama has cost us more than we will know in our lifetimes. Hillary would be that disaster on steroids.

Ron Scarbro


Mike Query said...

Come on Ron, tell us how you really feel. Love your stuff, don't ever stop writing.

Ron Scarbro said...

This is how I really feel. I believe Hillary is a criminal and should be in prison. A vote for her should be embarrassing to this entire country. Shame on anyone who would even consider her for this office. She couldn't clean my floors. That's how I really feel.


Jwo- said...

It's posts like these that frustrate me so...because I can't honestly respond, without frothing forth the vile, anger-laden, cussing-infused hatred I feel for Hillarbitch, obama and frankly, all the idiot a-holes who will stupidly, vapidly vote and did vote for their globalist, socialist asses!

I'm gonna shut-up now and dream of new weapons...