Thursday, October 1, 2015


Speaker of the House John Boehner, R, Ohio, is resigning his position as Speaker and also resigning as a Member of Congress effective the end of October. What took you so long? I have been listening to Boehner’s recent comments and he, along with many other Washington insiders, seems confused. The Washington political establishment of both parties hasn’t gotten the message that was clearly sent during the last election cycle. Polling has indicated without any doubt that the citizens of this country are unhappy with the direction we, as a country, are headed. The election should have alerted these brilliant politicians that change was necessary. Change in ideas. Change in direction. Change in political leadership.

Take a look at the Republican Presidential Primary being contested today. The three front runners are completely non-politicians. Two are businesspeople and one is a surgeon. None have political backgrounds and yet they are overwhelming the politics of the day.

Is there a message here? Are the people of the country trying to send another message? Will the political class get the idea that we want real change?

It is one thing to elect individuals from a different party. But, is it too much to expect the new party to get busy with the work the people elected them to do? We have Republican majorities in both the House and the Senate but nothing is changing. It is just the same game but with different players. We have all heard the tired old rhetoric that we can’t get anything done because Obama will just veto our efforts. Okay, let him. Put it on him. Let his legacy continue to be the breakdown of this country’s values and traditions.

Let’s face it. The Democrats are in trouble and they know it. I have even heard they are trying to trot out Al Gore. Are you kidding me? If you think Hillary is a mess, wait ‘til you see an Al Gore campaign or a Bernie Sander’s campaign for that matter. You and I know there are excellent Democrats with the intelligence and the ability to be President. The only one currently in the discussion however has been Jim Webb.

The facts are clear. What has been happening in Washington hasn’t been working. We are at war all over the world. Our economy is struggling. We are overrun with illegal aliens. Our drug problems continue to haunt our cities and when police officers try to intercede, they are sued and arrested. We are going in the wrong direction and we need a complete change.

I won’t miss John Boehner and I’m not too sure about his handpicked successor Kevin McCarthy of California either. I would like to see Trey Gowdy in that position. He is a former prosecutor who has experience getting things done and he is fearless.

There is no doubt that we will be seeing a lot of things changing over the next few months. It will not be enough for the country just to elect a Republican to the White House. It will be up to all of us to hold that individual’s feet to the fire to get the change our country so vitally needs.

We absolutely must let the world know that we will no longer put up with the Middle East problem. They either fix it themselves or we will. Secondly, we absolutely have to get the government’s boot off the neck of small business and allow them to prosper and grow. That along with meaningful tax reform will cause our economy to grow like it hasn’t for years. And finally, we must get a handle on our illegal immigration problem. It is costly, dangerous, and completely out of control. We have enough law, we just need to enforce the law.

We need a change, and change is good.

Ron Scarbro

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Anonymous said...

You make mention that the three leading candidates in the Republican party are all non-politicians. Should that come as a surprsie to anybody? The man in office currently won on the platform that he, too, was an outsider; a "community organizer" who wanted to bring "hope and change" to the American people. And we was elected easily against lifetime politicians! Now, that's not to say that I want a guy like Trump in the White House - I think he lacks the decorum and diplomacy needed to lead our nation BUT it's thrilling to watch that our side is FINALLY seeing the light and starting to fight fire with fire!