Wednesday, October 7, 2015


So let’s see. A wing nut with an armload of guns walks onto a gun-free zone, a school campus, and opens fire. He was described as strange, a loner. He said he couldn’t get a girl friend. He seemed to have a particular hatred for Christians, asking each of his victims to identify their religious preference just before shooting them. He was quite obviously a failure as a human being and as a man. It’s no wonder he couldn’t get a girl friend. It also isn’t hard to imagine why he decided to commit this atrocity at a gun-free zone.

It appears he wanted to be famous. Hitler was famous. Stalin was famous. Many crazy killers from the past have been “famous.” Is this the kind of fame he wanted?

Like so many others of his ilk, he was nothing more that a genetic experiment that went terribly wrong. His name will forever be reviled and despised. He was the classic loser.

And so, he had guns. Apparently a lot of guns. Guns, like hammers and screwdrivers are tools. When used for their intended purpose, they are good and they defend good. When they are in the hands of nut cases who have no concept of life, they become the tools of evil.

As expected, the left trots out their liberal politicians. “We’ve got to do something. We have to have the courage to fight back. We have to take on the NRA and defeat them. We don’t want or need the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Guns are just bad and we need to get rid of them.” Etc., etc.,etc.

Once again I am going to try to present information that should be obvious to anyone with a functioning brain. It ain’t the guns. It’s the people behind the guns. If guns are ever outlawed, only outlaws and government officials will have guns. The Second Amendment came about to guarantee that citizens of this great nation would always be able to defend themselves, not just from criminals, but also from our government and government officials.

Hillary wants to remove all guns from the citizenry. Sorry, Hillary, it’s not going to happen. If Hillary had a clue, she would be looking for ways to deal with the crazies who arm themselves and try to “become famous.” We, as a nation, have a poor record of dealing with mental illness. We put people in prison who are looney bin crazy instead of in a hospital where they might be helped. Sometimes we just put them back on the street and tell them to take their medicine. Well, they don’t.

Living in a free society has inherent dangers. Living itself has inherent dangers. Lightning could strike you at any time. If you are smart, you try not to put yourself in a place where lightning could strike you. In a free society people are free to live and make choices. Sometimes they make the wrong choices. Sometimes they are chemically imbalanced and cannot make the right choices. Our laws do not allow us to arrest someone because of what they think. We can’t even arrest them if they show themselves to be unbalanced. It is only when they act that the law can intervene. That is the definition of freedom.

Perhaps it is time we passed laws that required mental health professionals to report unbalanced people. We need to get them help. Normally, crazy people don’t see themselves as crazy. They see everybody else as crazy. Many, many people are running around without the ability to care for themselves. Maybe it is time society intervened before they act out.

Here is another simple fact. The gun owners in this country are never going to give up their guns, period. No law, no edict, and no liberal politician is going to change that. It is past time for the government to find a better way to deal with mental illness.

Ron Scarbro

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Anonymous said...

I have always said we need crazy control, not gun control. Hold all the mental health officials accountable instead of gun manufacturers and you might see a difference in how the mentally ill are treated. Can you imagine suing a doctor instead of a gun manufacturer, and not let them be protected by the AMA. That may well be the only way there will be a difference. That is sad for the mentally ill and their families. I am sure the families of both the victims and the terrorist would much rather the mentally ill be locked up securely instead of letting them be free to run around killing anyone they choose