Wednesday, October 14, 2015


I tried to watch the Democrat “debate” if that’s what you want to call it. A news report released just before the debate warned those on the stage that anyone who spoke badly of or to Hillary would be dealt with by the national Democrat party. That along with CNN’s own decision not to challenge any of the candidates created what could only be described as a crashingly boring TV show. I watched as long as I could out of duty to you my readers. I now intend to share with you my thoughts that I derived from my viewing of the debate.

First of all, I believe Hillary showed better than any of the others on the stage. Why wouldn’t she? There was no one else there who was even remotely qualified to be President. Hillary supporters might be thrilled that she came out best, but there is, alas, bad news for them. A nationwide poll that was released on debate day showed that when running against the top four Republican candidates, Hillary loses and loses badly in every case. It is what we call a good news bad news scenario. Hillary wins the debate but gets trounced in the national election. Bad news for the Democrats, but great news for America. After eight years of Obama, America could not bear another Democrat in the White House.

The debate showed me, and should have shown the rest of the country, that the Democrats seem to be living in the past. I heard the same tired old rhetoric that they have been spewing for years. Bigger government, more freebies, and higher taxes for the wealthy. Added to those worn out issues is now more handouts and freebies to illegal aliens and of course the biggie, man caused global climate change. They would have you believe that of all the challenges facing this country today with a Middle East in constant war, Iran on the verge of nuclear capability, and Russia attempting to exert her influence in that area, climate change is our real problem. I heard no mention of China’s attempts to manipulate currency and flood the world’s markets with cheap goods. I guess the Dems just think all of that will blow over as soon as we get a handle on the climate.

Bernie Sanders looks like he should be living in a tree, riding his bicycle to and from the free clinic. His proposals of free stuff for everybody would cost in the trillions. He has yet to define how he would pay for any of this. Chaffee and O’Malley looked completely out of place on that stage. My favorite, Jim Webb, was essentially ignored by the debaters and CNN. He continues to remind me of how Democrats used to be. Good, honest patriots looking for solutions and the ability to compromise. Sadly, he has no chance of even being seen or heard.

The elephant in the room wasn’t even in the room. Joe Biden was sitting it out. I guess he wanted to see if Hillary could handle the debate. Well she did. Now what? Smart money says Biden will get in the race because the Democrats know Hillary cannot win and Sanders is a joke. Any way you look at it, it is going to be fun. Biden has at best one or two weeks to get in or stay out.

It’s anybody’s guess as to what is coming next but my final verdict, the Democrat party lost and America won.

Ron Scarbro

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