Thursday, October 22, 2015


This probably won’t come as a shock to you but I am not a fan of labor unions. I believe they had their time and they provided a service to their members that helped this country at a very difficult time in our history. But, their time has long since passed. The only thing I dislike more than labor unions would be unions for civil service workers who already have guaranteed jobs and guaranteed wages. All unions do for them is charge the members dues which are funneled into the Democrat Party destined to help elect more Democrats.

I point this out because of an event which just occurred in Washington. The Republican House passed, with some bipartisan support, a bill known as the VA Accountability Act which would hold the VA accountable for their actions. It would have allowed incompetent employees to be fired. The bill would have gone a long way to help America’s veterans get the services they deserve. The bill was defeated by the Democrats in the Senate who owe their souls to the labor unions. Here at last was an opportunity to hold the VA and some of their incompetent managers and employees accountable for their actions and it was defeated by Democrats who obviously have more concern for the Labor unions and their support than they do for Veterans. How sad. How sad that it should come to this.

At about the same time the Senate Democrats defeated another bill which would have halted Federal funding to “Sanctuary Cities.” Now can someone tell me why anyone would be opposed to withholding funding from cities that violate federal law by giving sanctuary to illegal aliens? The bill was called “Kate’s Law” after the young lady murdered by an illegal alien in San Francisco. None other than Senator Harry Reid took to the floor to describe the bill as vile. He called it the Donald Trump Act. He said the bill, designed to make municipalities obey federal law like everyone else, was abhorrent. What? Is there something that I am missing? I thought it was the duty of sitting Senators to make sure everyone obeys the law. After all, they passed the laws. Maybe Reid believes that the only laws that must be obeyed are the laws we agree with. If we oppose a law, I guess it’s okay to just ignore it.

I am sure that you, like me, have heard for years how the Republicans are obstructionists. They are the party of no. Well here was an opportunity for the Democrats to contribute something positive to the American people, and what do they do? They just said no. They defeated a law which would have stopped Federal funding to those cities. The mother of a murdered son killed by an illegal alien  guesses Harry Reid has never lost a loved one to an illegal. She further added that Reid should retire immediately. He has long since worn out his welcome by the American people.

Here’s my question. Are you a Democrat? If so, are you proud of these two glaring examples of Congressional manipulation of laws to help curry favor from a special interest group? Do you think it is better to support civil service labor unions over our veterans? And do you think the American people are going to forget the stupidity of the Democrat Senators when it comes time to vote again? Do you support continued funding for cities that violate our laws and thumb their noses at the American people?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, I’m truly sorry for you. A day of judgement is coming and it won’t be pretty.

Ron Scarbro

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Jwo- said...

The 'Democraps' are gonna elect these fools over and over and over again and again! They vote for themselves and their interests over the interests of the Country and adherence to the Constitution. All they care about is their free crap and self-interest. So yes...these fools will continue to be re-elected, none of these examples are important to them because they are not just 'low information' voters, they're 'no interest' voters...they don't care. The Left is void of all consequences and responsibility...they kick the can down the road and ignore the glaring abuses they create. (quote) "What does it really this time?" -Hillary. :^/ Look at Harry Reid...Elijah Cummings...Nancy Pelosi...etc, etc. These felonious goons are blatant outlaws, becoming millionaires (on a 6-figure salary) and pushing anti-American & self-serving agendas. Toxic and sad...

Your premise is that they are like us...they're not! We hold our elected ones to account...they don't. They would all vote for that treasonous and anti-American obama again, if they possibly could. Those are the people and mindsets with which we're dealing. They're largely vapid and ignorant of both history & the Constitution. They want to elect Kings and we want to elect Presidents...big difference. They want their candidates to save them...we threaten our candidates to do the right thing or get replaced. They hold their 'rulers' in awe, we're the first to jump on ours, if they stray from Constitutional parameters.

As a country, our government is broken and many levels deep! That's why the Right is fed up and looking outside the establishment for answers. As a country, we are losing our collective soul! GOD help us...we need it!