Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I am not an expert on the black race. I have had black bosses, black fellow workers, and even some black employees. I have had a few black friends. I admire many in the black community. I am a fan of many black athletes, entertainers, and just some normal everyday people. In the military I served with black men whose blood would have been spilled just like mine had it become necessary. And as it turns out, all blood is red.

I have never owned a slave and I am pretty sure that no one in my heritage ever owned any slaves either. Therefore, I owe no one reparations. To my thinking, black people are entitled to no more or no less than anyone else.

So now we have the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Of course black lives matter. But they don’t matter any more or less than any other human lives. This is a political movement designed to secure special privilege for one group of people over another. In other words, reparations.

This group would have you believe that they are picked on over their white counterparts. That, of course, is nonsense. Any study of crime statistics proves beyond a doubt that crime, especially in the big, major cities, is a black problem. 73% of black homicide victims are murdered by black killers. The vast majority of babies born into the black community are born to unwed mothers whose fathers remain absent. What used to be settled by fist fights are now dealt with by gunfire. Inner city drug dealing is primarily a black issue. I know that many of the users of these drugs are white, but that is a different story.

When you add all this together along with the latest problem, a refusal to acknowledge the authority of police, you have a recipe for disaster. One of former Attorney General Eric Holder’s pet peeves was he thought that black kids were punished more often and more severely than the white kids. More nonsense. That is just like the liberal view that black people must be getting picked on because they fill our prisons and jails. They fill the penal system because they commit the vast majority of the crimes.

I have a simple solution for the “Black Lives Movement.” If you don’t want to have a problem with the police, don’t commit crimes. If you are stopped by the police, show respect and don’t try to resist arrest. If you do resist, you are going to lose, every time. If you want your life to matter, do something worthwhile. You get nothing just because you are black.

I have heard you say that the deck is stacked against you. Tell that to Dr. Ben Carson. He came out of the same ghetto that you say has trapped you. He has become a renowned surgeon. He has separated conjoined Siamese twins. He is running for President and is leading in many polls. If he becomes the Republican candidate, I will happily vote for him.

Some years ago, back when I worked for a living, I knew a black General Sales Manager of a high-priced import auto dealership. He made serious money. He dressed like a million dollars and had a great life. One day at lunch I asked him if he ever experienced bigotry and hatred as a black man. He told me that yes, he did. He found it everyplace he looked for it. That told me volumes.

This country owes none of us any more or less than anyone else. We are all afforded the opportunity to succeed as well as the possibility of failure. How we fare depends on our own initiative and willingness to work. There will be no reparations.

Ron Scarbro

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