Wednesday, November 18, 2015


This world has a cancer. It is metastasizing and growing. That cancer is radical Islam.

If you had a cancer in your body, you would have a few choices. One is to do nothing which would almost certainly result in your death. A second choice might be surgery to remove the cancer. Still a third choice may be to treat the cancer with radiation thereby burning out the cancer cells and destroying them. Neither surgery nor radiation is a guarantee of a cure but the success rate is excellent. For a certainty doing nothing almost guarantees failure.

And so the world looks at Paris and Lebanon and the desert in Sinai. This cancer has struck the body of the free world. Hundreds of innocent people doing nothing more that traveling or going to a concert or just sitting in a restaurant having a meal are butchered because of an idiotic arrogance which is being perpetuated on the world by a few power hungry, greedy individuals.

These master manipulators seduce young, gullible, impressionable, people into a life of murder and mayhem by promising a life in the hereafter filled with virgins and joys. What they are really doing is preparing stupid youngsters for a horrible death as cannon fodder. They don’t seem to mind if their soldiers get killed by the dozens as long as they kill by the hundreds. These are vile evil men whose greed and arrogance knows no boundary.

The president has miscalculated the threat of this cancer. Initially he referred to them as the “JV” squad. Then on just the day before the attacks in Paris, he told us they were well on their way to being contained and were reducing their influence in the region. I understand why he has offered that assessment. This is politics. He wants to be thought of as in charge and successful. Who wouldn’t want that? The problem is he is wrong. We have a serious problem on our doorstep and it is not going away by itself.

Since the Paris attack I have heard many experts offering suggestions as to what our response should be. First, we are told, we must identify our enemy by name. Forget political correctness and call a spade a spade. These are radical Islamists using an ancient religion to further their arrogant greed and lust for power. They count on a ready supply of “useful idiots” to serve as cannon fodder. And thirdly, they depend on the evidence of our lack of will to defeat them. We won’t even identify them publicly.

This then should be our response. We found and disposed of Saddam Hussein. We found and rid the world of Osama Bin Laden. We now must find and demolish the leaders of this cult of blood thirsty killers known as ISIS. If necessary, we must do what radiation does to cancer cells. It often is indiscriminate. We may well have to blow up a few towns and villages. We are probably going to have to kill a lot of people. If you find this objectionable, remember this is the war that was brought to us by these radicals. The longer they go unchecked, the more likely we will have to kill them on our own soil. One thing is certain. It will only end when we end it.

All of free Europe will join us along with Russia now. We must unite and tighten the noose around this ragtag bunch of goat herders and send them off to their version of Paradise. I am certain as I sit here, it won’t be what they expect. The longer we wait to get the job done, the more of them we will have to kill. Our window is closing.

Ron Scarbro

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