Wednesday, November 11, 2015


True to form and to his liberal politics, Obama has terminated the Keystone Pipeline Project. He has kept his commitment to the environmental lobby to do everything in his power to eliminate fossil fuels from America. It seems both Obama and the environmentalist wackos think that just by eliminating fossil fuels that will somehow cause America to turn to wind energy or solar power. Wrong again. In a long list of wrong.

What would be funny if it wasn’t so sad are the reasons Obama gave for turning down the pipeline. He said the pipeline causes us to be even more dependent on oil at the expense of more environmentally safe fuels further delaying a new dependence on solar and wind power. He also believes that transporting oil through a pipeline could be more hazardous to the environment. Did you know that the day after he made his decision, a freight train derailed in Wisconsin dumping 10,000 gallons of ethanol into the Mississippi River? Trains and trucks, you see, will be the alternative methods of transporting these fuels without a pipeline. We are dealing with complete idiots.

Fortunately Obama’s refusal to approve the pipeline only delays the inevitable approval when we elect a Republican to the White House and return to fiscal and environmental sanity.

On another note a Federal Judge in Texas has stopped Obama in his tracks concerning his edict that we cannot deport illegal aliens who were brought here as children. Twenty-six states have sued the Obama Administration to bring an end to this latest travesty. One way or another these politicians in Washington are going to have to learn that we all have to follow the rules. Illegal aliens are by their identification illegal. No amount of language massaging is going to change that.

I find it amazing that with just a year left in Obama’s reign that he is still trying to find ways to destroy this country and its traditions. He speaks of his legacy. Well let me tell you this. His legacy has already been established. He has been the absolute worst President in our history. Most, if not all of his edicts and proclamations will be overturned by the next President. How’s that for a legacy?  

Concerning the next president. His will be a very difficult job. This will not be the first time a Republican has had to come in and fix a terrible mess caused by the Democrats nor, sadly, will it be the last. The voters just never seem to learn.

I don’t know about you but I have just about had it up to here with this current administration. I didn’t think it would be necessary to remove Obama from office before his term ended but I could have been wrong. It appears he is going to do everything in his power to destroy what is left of our America. If the Congress doesn’t get it, perhaps they need to be removed also. We elected a Republican majority and yet they act like they can’t do anything. They let Harry Reid run amok over needed legislation as if they could do nothing to stop him. If the majority party cannot stop an idiot like Harry Reid, what chance does this country have?

A reckoning is coming. There are enough true patriots in this country to stop the destruction of America by liberal  nonsense. To anybody who sits out this next election and then witnesses the further destruction of the country, you deserve the scorn of all who went before you. You deserve the country you will be left with. How’s that for a legacy?

Ron Scarbro

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