Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Did you hear what the Disney Corporation decided? They are going to install metal detectors and body scanners at the entrance to all their parks. It’s probably a good idea. After all a park full of happy, laughing children on a holiday would be a great target for sadistic, barbaric baby killers. Disneyworld and Disneyland would be the  softest of soft targets. I am sure these mongrel Islamic terrorists would relish the thought of a pile of babies all blown to smithereens by their bombs. They would be dancing in the streets.

We take our shoes off at airports, suffer through body scanners at all sorts of public venues. We submit to body pat downs by TSA agents and allow our persons to be sniffed by dogs. No place is safe, we are told. We should look over our shoulders and be on constant alert. Our privacy is invaded on a regular basis. Our very freedom is compromised. We should be afraid, very afraid.

Okay, I understand this caution. I understand this need to be aware and alert. In our present situation caution is necessary. But fear is not.

I have a slightly different approach. This alertness and caution is because of radical Islamic terrorists who have as their life’s mission, killing us and our society. They have been somewhat successful at spreading their fear. I am sure they see themselves as something of a puppet master pulling the strings on the west.

My approach is simple. What if we decided to eliminate the need for all this extra caution by eliminating the threat itself? What if ISIS woke up one morning soon and saw a couple divisions of US troops and Marines bearing down on them? What if they looked over their shoulder and saw the 82nd and the 101st Airborne Division parachuting out of the sky? What if down the road came a couple Armored divisions under the command of a true warrior ready to lay waste to the open cesspools which serve as their homes? What if, instead of being afraid, we became the purveyors of fear?

Years ago I had a hard nosed supervisor. He used to tell me, “I don’t have ulcers, but I am a carrier.” In other words, while he didn’t suffer from ulcers, he certainly knew how to cause them in other people, like his employees.

So, what if we, instead of fearing terrorists, caused them to fear us?

We can’t kill them all. They are master recruiters. They keep getting new soldiers for their evil plans. This is what we are being told. Okay, what if these new recruits saw the barrel end of some of our more sophisticated weaponry and felt the sting of their power? We don’t have to kill them all. Killing a few will discourage the many.

But Ron, there would be collateral damage. You mean some of the breeders of these mongrels might be killed? I don’t see a problem with that. These people are going to have to come to the understanding that there will never be a world like they envision. There will be no Caliphate. There will be no super Caliph who will rule the world under sharia law. It ain’t gonna happen. They and they alone have to decide how many of theirs have to die before they get the picture. Remember they started this and we and we alone will finish it.

There used to be a t-shirt which showed a picture of an American flag in full color. The caption read, “These colors don’t run.” We do not run. We stand and we fight. We don’t fear, we create fear.

Ron Scarbro

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