Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Because of the season I had planned to write a light hearted column. I wanted to talk about peace and love and Christmas. But I don’t feel very light hearted right now. In fact I feel downright angry. I feel let down by a government that is supposed to be protecting me and its citizens.

So what do we have here in San Bernardino, California?  We have Muslim extremist jihadists hell bent on the destruction of everything we hold dear. We have a young man born in this great country who decides that he is too good for the country that spawned and nurtured him. He goes across the ocean to find a bride who appears to be a sadistic murderer. A woman who had no problem abandoning her baby, strapping on guns, and committing a bloodthirsty massacre. A woman who incidentally lied on her Visa application to get into our country to kill innocent neighbors who were doing nothing more than celebrating a Christmas party. Neighbors who had recently held a baby shower for her and her new baby. These killers are the epitome of human filth and waste. This also speaks to our ability to vet people coming into this country.

The PC police would have me not be unkind to Muslims. They want me not to offend. Well guess what. Today I don’t care if Muslims are offended. They should be offended and they should be embarrassed and ashamed. By their silence they are granting tacit approval of the actions of their brothers and sisters in the Muslim Community. If I were a Muslim, I would be ashamed to show my face and they should be too.

What exactly do you suppose these idiots see as the end game of their killing sprees? Are they so stupid as to believe the free world will allow themselves to return to the twelfth century where Muslim men lead their several wives around by collars and leashes? Where Sharia Law is the law of the land? Where nobody enjoys freedom of speech and thought? Are they really that stupid? I guess so.

I’ve got some bad news for them though. It ain’t gonna happen. What will happen instead is that the Muslim religion may well be destroyed by these very jihadists themselves. In a battle between goat herders and modern free people, the goat herders lose every time. There is no doubt that there will be some interruption of our lives and it will be painful, but in the final analysis, it won’t even register on the scale of human events.

To any Muslim who might be reading this. You can’t have it both ways. This is America. We are free people who live by laws handed down to us by our forefathers. We are never going to give in to your threat. We are far more likely to rush your trip to paradise and your journey will be far more horrendous than you could have ever imagined.

To the so-called moderate Muslims. If you and your religion intend to survive, remember this. Your days are being numbered by the very brothers and sisters you seem to want to ignore. ISIS, like so many arrogant philosophies before it, will crumble and all the people who attend that ignorance will crumble with it. Speak up and take charge of the thugs who have hijacked your religion. Clean up your act before it’s too late. The entire free world is after you and the clock is ticking.

Ron Scarbro

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Anonymous said...

IT'S ABOUT TIME! Finally, someone is not afraid to say it like it is! Thank you, Ron for sharing your thoughts (which are also the thoughts of the majority) on the violence of the extremist Muslims around the world. I, too, wish that the "moderate" Muslims would speak out against what is going on. However, like it or not, Islam is NOT a peaceful religion. This can be proven by simply reading the Koran.