Wednesday, December 2, 2015


So let’s see now. Russia and Turkey are on the verge of all out war. And since Turkey is covered under NATO, all of the Western World is now at odds with Russia. ISIS is killing and beheading all over Africa and others are killing and bombing in Paris. Their threat is real and being dealt with all over Europe. Tens of thousands of refugees are traveling around Europe trying to find someone who will take them in. Tens of thousands of illegal trespassers are daily trying to enter our country with very little opposition. Black people in this country are on the march because of perceived mistreatment of a few thugs. And in the face of all this, President Obama thinks the best thing for him to do is attend a “Global Climate Change” convention in Paris.

That’ll show them. ISIS can’t scare us. Mess with us and we will back over you in our Prius or we will hit you over the head with a solar panel. ISIS is far more likely to suffer a hernia from uncontrolled laughter at the thought of this response than to be concerned about global climate change. There are evil people who are barely human and who worship death. They could care less about the climate of the globe.  To top this all off, Obama wants the Congress to approve a two billion dollar, with a “B”, fund to give to third world countries in an effort to get them interested in this “Mickey Mouse” science. Sometimes I just have to scratch my head in disbelief.

The word from the White House is that the global climate thing is important to Obama and to his legacy. Once again I should remind you and them, his legacy is already established. He has been the absolute worst president in the history of our country. Now he is offering even more proof that he is also tone deaf. Now that’s a legacy.

The Republican Senate with their majority has already said they will not approve the two billion dollar request so the whole deal is dead on arrival in the Congress. So, what’s the point? Does Obama really want to show just how out of touch he is with the rest of the country? Is this the public image Democrats want as they try to win election in the next cycle? Somebody on their side needs to get into a private discussion with their champion and let him know just what the country thinks about his ridiculous actions. After the so-called nuclear deal with Iran, it should be clear to even the densest Democrat that this is not what the country wants.

But hey, it isn’t my place to tell the Democrats what they should do. They seem hell bent on destroying themselves. I’ll just be a semi-interested bystander.

It really doesn’t matter what Obama wants at this point. He is a lame duck president who is poisoning his party’s chances of winning any future election. One would think that reasonable concerned Democrats would step up and ask for some moderation of the idiocy that keeps coming from this administration. As for me, I’ll just let the voters decide.

Ron Scarbro

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Jwo- said...

Ron, your assessment seems valid except for two points, in my humble opinion (great blog, BTW!):

1) I haven't seen a "reasonable concerned Democrat" since the last time I saw a phone booth...seriously! They simply do not exist! They are clamoring for more government oversight & control and wish to live in and be ruled by a Monarchy, of some sorts. They are doubling-down on obama principles and are actually rallying behind that lying user Hillary and the avowed Socialist Sanders! Isn't that amazing, as well as beyond sad in America? After all has surfaced and is surfacing daily, there are groups of people that love her, WORSHIP her and wish to further her as our exalted leader! It is a comedy, were it not a sad AND DANGEROUS reality.
2) Obama does NOT love this country, which is why he has PUBLICALLY STATED FROM THE BEGINNING that he will "fundamentally change this country". He is an enemy of America...not a son and not a patriot...his actions and agendas speak for themselves, not his manipulative lying. He is neither inept, 'over his head' nor has achieved his 'Peter Principle'. He has systematically and every juncture...chosen the worst option and most hurtful scenario for America, at his disposal...all while smiling to his idiot vapids who worship the AIR he walks on...not the ground, which is America! We discussed the many examples the other day.

As far as "de-funding" anything, I seriously have no confidence of that. Our complicit Congress is not inept...they're 'intent' is part of the problem. As we discussed the other day, why do we have a majority in both houses and NOT ONE attempt to 'de-fund' obamacare, Planned Parenthood or any other debacle the Left has placed upon us? The Socialist Left, the Crony Right and the media have all become our enemies, in the way they manipulate, shape and rule us. Our Congress is more crooked than a snake crawling up a hog-wire fence! It is a sickening situation, from which I'm unsure we will ever, as a people/country, recover? The theory that we "can't go back" disturbs me, as I think ahead as to how to 'un-screw' our current status?

Cruz, Trump...SOMBODY...will need to knock it out of he park, when they're elected. We need to supplant our media with another version ruled by accuracy, not agenized manipulation. How do we do that? I don't know if that's even realistic? Education needs to be purged of Leftist ideologies and responsibility & consequences need to be reintroduced to Education, entertainment & media. Again, how the hell are we gonna do that?

Sadly, venting used to help...not so much anymore...