Wednesday, April 29, 2015


In Panama City Beach, Florida an event just occurred which should get everybody’s attention. There was a celebration and recognition of veterans, many of whom were disabled, held at one of the hotels there. Veterans came from all over the country to be honored and celebrated. If that was the end of the story that would be great, but sadly it is only the beginning.

At the same time of this veteran’s celebration, a fraternity known as Zeta Beta Tau, representing the University of Florida and Emory University of Georgia, was also in Panama City Beach holding a fete for themselves. I know very little about this particular fraternity but it appears, like many fraternities, they have a drinking problem.

To shorten a long story some of these little frat boys with way too much liquor on board, disrespected these veterans and the flag. They threw beer bottles, vomited,  urinated and spat on the veterans and on the flag. They screamed obscenities and generally made complete fools of themselves. They displayed the arrogant attitude of spoiled brats. They were the epitome of self indulgent, over privileged, coddled, children. Their mothers must be very proud. The Universities are conducting investigations and some could even face criminal charges.

At about the same time at a rally on campus at Valdosta State University in Georgia, there was even more disrespect shown for our American flag. Individuals were seen stomping on the flag as a sign of total disrespect. There, an American veteran, Michelle Manhart, took a flag away from an individual who was stomping on it, only to be barred by the University from the campus claiming that disrespecting the American flag is freedom of expression. Talk about wrong headed nonsense, this is ridiculous. Perhaps the officials of that University might benefit from a review of American history as well.

As a veteran and a proud American, I am disgusted. I believe there is a possible remedy however. Perhaps the draft is the answer. Instead of wasting thousands and thousands of dollars of their parent’s money going off to these party schools, maybe these drunken little boys would be better off in a military camp with really big, no-nonsense drill sergeants. After a few weeks of basic military training their attitude might change dramatically. They might come to understand just what being an American really means. They might come to understand just what others have sacrificed for them and their freedom. They might even get the opportunity to make some sacrifices themselves to earn the right to be called an American citizen.

Now I recognize that the military doesn’t want this. They don’t want these little frat boys messing up the Army. They really don’t want to have to teach them how to be men.

I’m not going to bore you with another “when I was younger” story. It is sufficient to say things have definitely changed. I can tell you this for a fact though, in the military boys do become men. They have to. By the way, girls should not be exempt. Just like in Israel, they should be included. I am sure they would want the opportunity to contribute to this country as well.

All in all, I believe the country would benefit from a required conscription of military service for all able bodied citizens. It works in Israel and it would work here. We need a return to patriotism. We need for people to understand and appreciate what it means to be an American. A couple of years of military service  might just do the trick.

Ron Scarbro


Anonymous said...

It may not be the complete answer, but it is a good start. We were once a proud and noble people, now I don't even know what we are. I truly worry when these spoiled little whiners, who have been protected from reality their whole lives, move into the roles of leadership of our nation. Can you imagine?

Jwo- said...

I agree and have championed such for years. My greatest lament is that after graduation from HS in '73, I didn't join a branch of service. At that time, Vietnam was winding down and the services were downsizing...but had I pushed, maybe I'd have been accepted? All I know is that the current climate in this country, among the youth, is both embarrassing and disheartening. Frankly, the Left, the youth, Hollyweird, academia, the media and our elected leaders make me frickin sick!! My forecast for the future of this once great nation is dour, especially after our current POS-in-Chief!! Sad...