Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Do you remember when President Bill Clinton was caught literally with his pants down? The story was excused by Hillary as just lies from the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.” Had there actually been a vast right wing conspiracy I would have been a charter member but I digress. The point of this comment is that Clinton got away with his dalliance. Oh sure he was impeached but he was not convicted. One of the problems was that his insurance policy, Al Gore, was waiting in the wings and the country could never have survived an Al Gore presidency even for a short term and the Congress knew it.

You may also remember that the most powerful women’s groups of the time and their leaders excused Clinton’s sexual deviations as actions of  “a strong leader who had strong needs.” The fact that he took advantage of a naive young intern was not important. She was just a bimbo who deserved her fate. You will remember that Clinton went on to lie to a Grand Jury and was subsequently disbarred from the practice of law because of that violation of the law. And the Democrats still love him. Go figure.

This has all come up because of Hillary’s decision to try again to run for President. A group of us were discussing the many scandals she is facing and some even could be so illegal that she could face prosecution. So, will that affect her chances for victory? The best guess of this group is that it won’t. Clinton supporters seem to place very little value on integrity. The Clinton’s seem to have a teflon coating. That coating is applied liberally and continuously by a media who support her unashamedly. I continue to be amazed by the willingness of so-called intelligent people who just look the other way.

When Hillary scrubbed her hard drive of e-mails after being subpoenaed by Congress, she broke the law, period. No nuance, she broke the law and she knew it. That violation, if prosecuted as it should be by our Justice Department, carries  possible prison time. Of course Eric Holder is the Attorney General and what are the chances that he will do his job and prosecute? I’m going to guess zero.

There are, of course, many more possible violations of law that could and would land anybody else in serious trouble. Not Hillary. So far she has escaped any real consequence for her apparent determination to live by her own rules.

Haven’t we seen enough of what happens when we elect an individual who was never vetted? An individual whose arrogance and disregard for law has seemingly been excused by the media? The question is will we go through this again?

I read recently a European’s essay concerning our election choices. He was not so troubled by the election of Obama as he was an electorate who would vote for such an unprincipled individual with virtually zero experience. His thought was that we got what we deserved.

Now the American people are facing another election with choices that soon will be clear. Seriously, haven’t we seen enough of the Clintons? Haven’t we seen enough of their self-serving politics? Aren’t we ready yet to retake our country and change the direction we are headed? Our current rate of travel downhill is unsustainable. Surely the Democrat party can come up with a better candidate who has as his platform what is best for America, not just what is best for him or her. If Hillary is their candidate, I hope she is defeated by such a margin as to eliminate the Clintons from our minds forever. We can only hope.

Ron Scarbro

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