Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Like most of you I have been watching the events in Baltimore. Once again we have a young black man dead for some unexplained reason. He was under arrest and being transported to jail when, somehow, he sustained a life ending injury.

The rumors are flying. Some say he was a known drug dealer who was arrested when he tried to run from police. Some say he was roughed up by those same police. Today we are hearing from a prisoner who was also in the police van that the victim, Freddie Gray, injured himself during the ride to the police station. A doctor has said that he could have suffered a seizure or some such event and thrown himself into the van injuring himself. Regardless of the reason, he is dead and no real details have been released.

The citizens of Baltimore don’t seem to care what the reason might be though. They are just mad. And they have been taking out their anger on their own city, burning, looting, and causing general mayhem. Many legitimate businesses which have been serving those same citizens have been destroyed.

Today we are going to examine just what and who these people are mad at.
These thugs are not mad because of Freddie Gray. He is just a handy excuse. I think these rioters and looters are really just mad at themselves. Maybe they are mad because they are of a minority race living in a white society? Maybe they are mad because their self respect and pride has been taken away from them by the very good intentioned programs meant to help them? It is much easier to blame someone else for your problems than to blame yourself. Slavery ended centuries ago and yet many black people still blame that for their problems.

Here’s a hard truth. To find the problems in the black community they only have to look into a mirror. Generational welfare recipients who continue to produce babies without fathers are basically selling themselves into modern slavery. Those who live in public housing, receive food stamps, subsidized health care, free cell phones, and all manner of freebies, become wards of the government. They trade their self respect for the freebies. I read recently that the average welfare recipient's take, with all of their goodies, was approximately $50,000 per year. That’s not bad pay. But what does it cost those who receive it? I say it costs them their pride. It takes away incentive. To live on the dole means you don’t produce anything. It means you don’t accomplish anything.

How many of the protestors who are destroying Baltimore have a father figure at home? The mother seen striking her young son and trying to take him home is reported to be a single mother of six children. Where are any of those fathers? It is clear that one of the main problems is the breakdown of the traditional family unit. I read recently that over 70% of black children are born to single mothers. The fathers are just sperm donors. As the number of children increases, the welfare check grows larger. This is a recipe for disaster and we are seeing it in the major cities of America.

If the citizens of Baltimore and Ferguson and other major cities think they are helping their cause by their violent demonstrations, they are sadly mistaken. They only hurt themselves. Black leadership from the President on down is causing more problems by blaming police. The cops are not the problem, the criminals are. America is getting fed up.

Ron Scarbro

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