Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Did you hear the latest from North Korea? It seems that their defense minister, Hyon Yong-choi, went to sleep during an address by the “dear leader,” Kim Jong-un, or as we like to call him, Little Kim. Well, Little Kim was upset to say the least. The minister’s punishment? Why a firing squad of course. But no, not just any firing squad. This squad killed him with an anti-aircraft gun. To all those morons who think they are being mistreated in this country, why not try North Korea? You may find that things are not so bad here after all. I never cease to be amazed by the inhumane treatment some in power use on their underlings. You and I know that this is not going to end well for Little Kim. He will get his and it is going to be fitting and hideous. The sooner the better.

Hillary is on the campaign trail. She says she is on a listening tour. Since her announcement that she was running she has answered a total of eight questions from the media. After all, how can you listen if you spend all your time talking and answering questions? If I had as much to hide as Hillary does, I wouldn’t want to answer questions either. The reality of this situation is that eventually she will have to come clean. Even her most loyal fans in the “mainstream” media will have to get the truth from her. If she thinks she can hide, she is sadly mistaken. Cheaters and e-mail destroyers never prosper.

Speaking of cheaters and e-mail destroyers. Tom Brady of the New England Patriots has been suspended for four games for deflating footballs to make them easier to grip and throw. This is, of course, against league rules. If he and his team were smart, they would let this matter drop. But no. They have decided to fight the suspension. The Patriots are serial cheaters and the last thing they need is closer scrutiny of their actions. Deflated footballs will be the least of their problems. Leave well enough alone. You probably will not like what comes next.

Since the Ferguson mess, stirred up by slimeball politicians and race baiters with their anti-police rhetoric, how many cops do you suppose have been killed or injured in the performance of their duties? How many cops have refused to stop possible lawbreakers because of the ramification of doing so? How many innocent citizens have been killed or injured because these lawbreakers were not stopped in their tracks? I know if I were a cop I would think twice before I would risk my life and my career attempting to stop criminals. Let’s face it. If the cops are even questioned they are probably toast. Their careers are probably done. At best they will have to find a new place to live.

Then we have the race baiter-in-chief, Barack Obama, issuing an edict that police departments cannot use military type equipment for their safety and security. The claim is that it upsets rioters and thugs. They are offended by the display. What Obama is actually saying is that the riots we are experiencing are the fault of the police not the thugs. They would all just go home if only the police wouldn’t defend themselves with heavy equipment and shields. If a cop gets hit by flying rocks or bricks, too bad. At least the rioter wasn’t offended.

Anti-police rhetoric is as seriously misguided as are those who preach it. All of this nonsense will be unwound soon as we elect a new President, as long as we elect the right one. Choose wisely, my friends. The country you save may well be your own.

Ron Scarbro

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