Wednesday, September 5, 2012


For some time I have been aware of the almost visceral hate for Sarah Palin by some liberals. I also noticed that same hatred for Herman Cain when he was running for President. Now, with the Republican convention just finished, the liberals have a new target for their hatred. He is Marco Rubio.

I began to wonder why. Why are these accomplished individuals so despised by the left? Is it because one is a woman, one is black, and one is hispanic? That can’t be right. The left holds no prejudice against anyone because of gender, race or national origin, right? So, it must be something else.

I think I may have come up with the answer. They, the left, don’t hate these three people, they fear them. They are scared to death of a strong independent woman who doesn’t “know her place.” They fear a black man who has escaped the plantation, a black man who doesn’t refer to his white superiors as “Massa.” They are frightened beyond belief of any hispanic who thinks for a moment that he can succeed based on his personal initiative. You see these three are the epitome of what America truly is, not what the liberals think it should be.

It has been amusing to me to watch the national news media struggle to report on people like these three. The media knows they are news. They know they are popular. They know the country wants to hear about them. They just don’t know how to report on them and be true to their leftist agenda. I feel their pain. In fact I am going to do them a service. I am going to report on people like these plantation escapees so as to relieve the national media of the responsibility. They can return to their agenda of re-electing Obama and keeping their collective heads in the sand concerning the massive failure of Barak Obama and his policies.

The American electorate sleep-walked through the last Presidential election, but they are waking up. The former “silent majority” will not be silent any longer. The great experiment of electing the first black president just didn’t work. Its failure was not because Obama is black, it failed because of Obama’s liberal policies.

Today I am encouraged and excited about this upcoming election. Today I truly feel we as Americans will correct the mistake we made just three and a half years ago. There is work to be done for sure, but judgement day is at hand for Barak Obama.

If you ask me if Palin, Cain or Rubio will figure in tomorrow’s politics, I cannot say. This much I will say however, America needs such people. America needs true Americans. America needs people who love this country and her traditions. There is another thing that I have learned in my time on this earth. That is that we fix our mistakes. We always have and we always will. As Clint Eastwood said during his presentation at the convention, “We own this country. Politicians are our employees. When someone cannot do the job, it’s time to let them go.” That time has come for Barak Obama.

Like Rubio said, I don’t believe Obama is a bad man. I just believe he is a bad President. He was ill prepared for the job and his results prove that conclusively. Today we have the opportunity to elect an accomplished, successful businessman to take over and fix the mess we have gotten ourselves into. My hope is that you feel the same way.

Ron Scarbro September 5, 2012

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