Wednesday, August 29, 2012


So Rep. Todd Akin, R. Mo. believes that if a woman is “legitimately” raped, as opposed to illegitimately raped???, her body will deny its biology and prevent a pregnancy from happening. Hum!, very interesting. Rep. Hank Johnson, D. Ga. believes that if too many troops are stationed on Guam and they happen to go to one side of the island, it will tip over and capsize. All of the people will slide into the ocean. Also very interesting, wouldn’t you say? Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D. Tx., when visiting JPL, the jet propulsion lab, asked if she could see the picture of Neil Armstrong planting the flag on Mars. She apparently doesn’t know the difference between Mars and the moon. Incidentally she serves on the House Space Committee’s space subcommittee. Well placed assignment, huh?

Where is this all headed? I think I could write several pages of boneheaded actions of some members of Congress. These three noted above are by no means all of them. What we have here are three morons who are serving in the Congress of the United States and idiocy is no respecter of party. Both Republicans and Democrats qualify.

Some will say, but Ron, districts have the right to elect anyone they want to be their Representative. If they want him or her why should I care? The problem is that while they represent a small district, they serve in a body which is much larger and whose actions and votes affect the destiny of 330 million people, including me. Do you suppose they vote based on their intelligence? Sheila Jackson Lee, according to her web site, is a graduate of the University of Virginia and Yale University. I wonder what her major was? I bet it didn’t have anything to do with outer space. Akin represents a primarily white, conservative district. Johnson and Lee’s districts are majority black. I am sure one of the first requirements to being elected in a primarily black district is to be black. I certainly understand that and have no problem with it but that should not be the only requirement. Akin’s district is as he is, conservative and white. Again those should not be the only requirements. The problem is, of course, these individual representatives when elected are inflicted on the entire country as Members of Congress. These morons show up for work in Washington completely incapable of even the most basic understanding of the legislative process. You can easily see the results.

This then is my proposal. Why couldn’t we have a simple standard IQ test for people who want to run for Congress? There are other Constitutionally mandated requirements. Why not require them to have at least a base level of intelligence. I can see it now. As a part of their campaign literature, they would offer not only their educational background but in addition their IQ scores. It is pretty obvious that graduating from the University of Virginia or Yale doesn’t guarantee intelligence.

We, as a country, are rapidly approaching a time when just a pretty face or a strong oratory will not get the job done. It is easy to see what that has brought us. We need smart people doing smart things. The last thing on earth we need is idiots who speak out when they should be quiet, example Joe Biden. I remember the old saying, “It is far better to just sit silently and let everybody think you are stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” These morons I have described above should have taken this old adage to heart.

Ron Scarbro August 29, 2012

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