Wednesday, August 8, 2012


It would appear the great Chick-fil-A “kiss in” was a giant “kiss off.” I was listening to a radio show moderator who happens to be a homosexual, and she said that the vast majority of the homosexual “community” opposed any such demonstration as was called for by a radical minority of that community. She said most were embarrassed by the call for a “kiss-in.” They would much rather reserve their shows of affection for the privacy of their own homes. They apparently don’t believe they are in the business of entertainment. So the whole demonstration failed.

I am sure within any group of people there are liberal people and there are conservative people, even among homosexuals. There are those who want to show off and those who prefer anonymity. I believe that while the huge turnout for the Chick-fil-A appreciation day was a demonstration of support for freedom of religion, it was also a repudiation of anyone who would attempt to regulate a business because of the religious principles of one of its executives. That turnout proved to be the best day financially Chick-fil-A ever experienced. I could not have been happier. The Chick-fil-A appreciation day was never about homosexual rights, period. This was about a revulsion and a rebellion against despotic government officials who don’t seem to know what their limits are.

Some are saying this past week was a precursor of the election in November. I doubt that, but I do believe several thousands of freedom loving citizens decided that enough is enough. They decided that the free expression of speech and religious choice as specified in the first amendment was far more important than the offense that a minority group who are habitually offended might have experienced.

One might consider this fact. The entire homosexual “community” is a minority group whose numbers may be anywhere from about .05%  to 5% of the population at any given time. While their rights are definitely important, there is still that old problem of the majority not being particularly interested. The only people who were concerned about the homosexual marriage issue were the PC police. Well guess what, most everyone else just doesn’t care. It would appear that most of the homosexuals don’t care that much either.

Some will notice and some may even possibly be offended by the fact that I don’t use the word “gay” in my essays to identify homosexuals. There is a reason for that. My dictionary, like me, is old and it offers a different definition of the word “gay.” Joyous, lively and merry, etc. are a part of the real definition of gay. Homosexuality has a completely different definition. Most of the homosexuals I have known do not fit my dictionary’s description of gay. Perhaps the ones I have known are just unhappy people. Either way, I plan to use the words I choose in my essays and go with the definitions offered in my dictionary.

The story of last week’s event involving Chick-fil-A is certainly not over. I believe the real message some politicians should have learned is that sometimes the great silent majority will refuse to be silent. Sometimes, when they are irritated enough, they will show their true colors. You can only poke a sleeping bear so much before you wake him up. This massive group of people who are normally “silent” decided to rise up and drown out a very loud fringe minority. I congratulate all who participated.

I only hope this massive group will show that same irritation and wake up in time for elections in November. Never has this country needed you more.

Ron Scarbro August 8, 2012

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