Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Prior to Paul Ryan’s selection as VP candidate I, along with most of you, had many favorites. I like Rubio. I like Rice. I like Huckabee. Any of a number of people would have been okay with me. The problem with picking any Republican Senator is obvious. We need them in the Senate. Condi Rice would have created a conversation surrounding race and gender and little else. That is the last thing we need. The fact that she is one of the most accomplished women in America would quickly be lost on the left. Huckabee is probably too religious to be elected on a national ticket. And so we have Ryan.

Let me just say this upfront. I am an ABO voter. That simply means anybody but Obama. In my view he has been an unmitigated disaster and if he is re-elected, it will only get worse. Romney is a businessman. He has experience as a businessman. That is just what this country needs today, period, end of story.

Now to Ryan. He is a young, attractive Congressman from Wisconsin who has had experience dealing with both the press and the Congress. He is a real person with a real story. He is a family man. He is a hunter. He is a big advocate of the second amendment. I heard some Democrat complaining that he had no foreign policy experience. Oh, compared to whom? Barak Obama for example? Ryan has offered a budget. The Democrats haven’t produced a budget since 2009. I think Ryan has the right stuff and will be a tremendous asset to this ticket and to the country after he and Romney are elected in November.

Obviously the most important issue facing this country today is the economy. Obama has proven conclusively that he cannot handle the task of dealing with this most basic problem. He has zero experience in business. From his own pronouncements it is also clear he doesn’t understand how our economy works. He has never met a payroll. He has never had to create a product or make a profit. In fact the only job he has ever held is that of “community organizer,” whatever that is. Romney is the exact opposite of Obama. He is an accomplished individual who has been successful in every endeavor he has attempted. He is a self made man who has attained great wealth. We call it the “American Dream.”

There is a reason the Obama re-election campaign is focused only on negative attack ads. There is absolutely nothing positive about Obama’s presidency to even talk about let alone brag.

So now we have a ticket. Next will come the debates. Can you just imagine a debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan? I have heard it said that Biden is an individual whose tray is never quite in the complete, upright and locked position. He has been described as a french fry short of a happy meal. Debates between Biden and Ryan will tell you everything you need to know about the qualifications of these two men. Can you just imagine such a discussion? It should prove to be very entertaining to say the least.

Today the polls are all over the place.Who knows what is true. Personally I don’t believe the people of this country are dumb enough to put Obama back in the White House for another term.  The big bankers of Wall Street have refused to contribute to Obama’s re-election. There is a reason for that. We are a country in serious trouble and that trouble has been caused in large part by Barak Obama and his policies. Our very future depends on getting rid of this charlatan and hiring a real American to replace him. The Romney/Ryan ticket is that way.

Ron Scarbro August 22, 2012

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