Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Don’t you just love arrogant, self serving politicians who take every opportunity to get their faces on television? Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel did just that when he declared that the CEO of Chick-fil-a, Dan Cathy, who for religious reasons objects to homo-sexual marriage, can’t open restaurants in Chicago because the CEO’s Christian values are not Chicago’s values. Chicago’s values? Are you kidding me? Chicago has values? What values. Is Emanuel referring to that city’s drug and gun violence which leads the nation? Maybe he is referring to their political machine which thwarts honest elections and promotes dishonesty. Do you think he might be talking about Rob Blagojevich or Richard Daley? If ever a city could use some Christian values, it is Chicago.

Once again it has become necessary to point out to these jokers that we are a people whose laws are based on a little document known as The Constitution. The very first amendment to that constitution protects every person’s freedom of religion. There is no place in the law which denies a business the right to operate because the company’s executives do not share the religious beliefs of the Mayor of that city and wouldn’t Rahm Emanuel, a Jew by the way whose ancestors have suffered throughout history at the hands of dictatorial governments, be among the first to scream about the separation between church and state? What a hypocrite.

Of course this isn’t about religion at all. This is about a politician trying to gain political advantage. By catering to a small group of people who favor homo-sexual marriage, Emanuel must believe that his action might cause his stock to go up among certain voters. That may or may not be the case in Chicago, but I assure you it is not the case in the rest of the country. Regardless of his motives his actions are illegal and a violation of the rights of Chick-fil-a and its executives. I hope CEO Cathy sues the pants off of Mayor Emanuel and any city which attempts to restrain their business illegally.

The political correctness of the left is truly amazing. Concerning homo-sexual marriage, it has everything to do with politics and absolutely nothing to do with correctness. If two or more homo-sexual adults want to live together and live as husband and husband or wife and wife, or any other combination for that matter, I don’t care. That is their choice and their problem. Marriage however, is a union designated for one man and one woman, at a time, and does not include animals, plants or any other animate or inanimate objects. No re-definition is necessary period. Married people are no more a special protected class than are unmarried people. Homo-sexual people are no more a special protected class than are hetero-sexual people. Nor are any special protections necessary. Again no re-definition is necessary.

Most major religions oppose any redefining of marriage. That is their business. Some favor it. That is likewise their business. Neither side of this issue needs special protection from the law.

Scheming, self-serving, opportunistic politicians need to read and understand the law and the Constitution. Elected officials are not chosen to be emperors.  The Emanuels and the Bloombergs and all the rest of them know better, or at least they should. Personally I intend to visit Chick-fil-a a lot more than in the past just like I plan to eat more meat on Monday and drink my soda pop from sixty ounce containers. Oh and did you hear? Bloomberg is now trying to require hospitals to lock up baby formula so that new mothers will have to breastfeed their babies, as if any of this was his business. If the people of New York continue to put up with this idiot, they have only themselves to blame. Personally I would tell these so-called officials where to put their little regulations. And to any who might object, I am not hard to find. Look me up. We’ll have a little chat.

Ron Scarbro August 1, 2012

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