Wednesday, July 25, 2012


It was a beautiful day. The sun was warm and the sky was clear. It was calm. In just a matter of moments however, thunder was heard in the distance. Then black clouds appeared on the horizon. The wind picked up. You could see lightning flash. People scattered looking for cover. Some sought protection under trees. You, of course, know the rest of the story. A flash of light, a tree is hit, and people under the tree are struck and they die. Innocent, unsuspecting, men, women, and children die.

This sadly is not an unusual story. It happens all over the world. So what is the point of this discussion?

Let us consider the events at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. We are being told the “alleged” perpetrator was a somewhat normal, albeit brilliant, individual who was calm and quiet. A loner some said. So what does the massacre in Colorado have to do with lightning? I will try to offer some perspective.

In the case of the lightning storm, signs were everywhere. Dark clouds and thunder announced the arrival of the storm. Most people sought cover in safe ways. Some, however, even though they know one should never get under a tree in such a case, did it anyway. The sad and unfortunate result is they died.

The twenty-four year old suspect in the theater assault did not go crazy three weeks before he acted. He has been crazy for a long time. There were signs and they were ominous. There were dark clouds and there was thunder. I believe his parents knew. I believe many people knew. When he finally blew up, there was no place to hide. His actions were premeditated and vicious and his killings were as random as a lightning strike.

I was struck by the uncanny resemblance between this perp and the shooter in the Tucson shopping center. Look at their mug shots. Frightening. I believe in both of these cases many, many people knew these people were nut cases. They as much as announced they were going to, like lightning, strike. It was never a matter of if, it was only a matter of when.

All around the world we see these types of events. In Norway, where guns are totally controlled, dozens of innocents were killed by a nut case. It has happened in Germany. It happens where guns have been outlawed and it happens in more free societies where guns are readily available. These types of mass killings are very similar to lightning strikes. You can only protect yourself so much. One thing is clear. If an armed citizen with a conceal carry permit had been in the audience at the theater and shot the perpetrator, far fewer might have died. Sadly, we will never know. If history has taught us anything though, it is that the only way to stop a gun is with a gun.

Today the usual suspects are railing against the second amendment. People who, in my view, are at least as dangerous as many of the nut jobs among us, want to eliminate guns from our society. I have my guns to protect myself and my family from the crazies and the government. Both are equally dangerous to our freedom and well being.

In life random events occur. Most are good. Some are tragic. The people who went to see the Batman movie never imagined they would die that day. The people who sought protection under a tree in the storm never imagined they would not see tomorrow. Such is life.

Embrace your loved ones. Life has no guarantee. Lightning strikes.

Ron Scarbro July 25, 2012


Jeff Lane said...

Hi Ron,
Do you sincerely believe that you can recognize/profile a person who is scheming to embark upon a killing spree like that which happened last week at the Aurora, Colorado movie complex? I really don’t think they’re that easy to spot.
There are many people roaming among us that the “normal majority’ (whoever they are) might consider “off-center”. Those that are reclusive, fidgety, nervous, quirky, paranoid, antisocial, etc. all come to mind, but having one or more of those characteristics doesn’t make them a potential mass murderer.
To suggest that the sick, evil, and dare I say methodical person who is responsible for this heinous act of viciousness could have been stopped before he went on to attack the harmless, unsuspecting audience in the theatre is a disservice to both the victims and the families that continue to mourn them. You rarely ever hear of arrests of that sort being made before the assailant strikes.
This was not a bolt of lightning that followed a dark cloud and a roar of thunder that frightened a few people to seek shelter under a tree. This was a monstrous, yet systematic act of violence by a person who has no respect for life, including his own, who performed these deeds. To compare it to act of Mother Nature is horrifically understating the tragedy…
If your time allows, I would suggest you look into an award winning film from 2010 titled “Beautiful Boy”. It’s a moving and thought provoking piece that covers this subject matter head-on.
And BTW- I realize that the intent of your column was to show support for the 2nd Amendment. I didn’t lose sight of that…
I’ll be looking forward to your next article.
Take care,
Jeff L.

Bo Lumpkin said...

The only way to stop bad crazy people with guns is for good sane people to have guns too.

BTW There are some bad crazy people in government which is why the 2nd ammendment was added in the first place.