Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Let’s assume the worst. Let’s assume Obama gets re-elected. Most of the problems of Obamacare, and his entire presidency for that matter, are purposely delayed until after the next election. But, what is going to happen when it all hits the fan? And it will hit the fan. What is going to happen when the American people see what exactly the new health care law, for example, is going to cost in real money and jobs?

It is obvious to me that Obama doesn’t really care about anything beyond the next election. He and the Democrats haven’t given much thought to the damage they are doing to their own party or to the country for that matter. How would you like to be a Democrat running for a seat in government when the truth about Obamacare manifests itself? Even today none of them are running on his “coattails.” Have you heard anyone campaigning as an Obama Democrat? No and you are not likely to either. When private health care coverage cost is doubled and tripled, when doctor appointments are set months in advance because of shortages, when emergency room waits are extended to hours and hours, when government agents decide who gets care and who doesn’t, when the IRS begins collecting the Obama tax for failure to buy insurance, and when the Catholic Church decides to excommunicate  members who support this new socialism, how would you like to be a Democrat running for election?

Here is a truth. Obama cannot run for reelection past this next term. His party, the Democrats, will be on their own left to try to explain to the American people why the change they voted for failed so miserably.  

While  none of us can see into the future, we can speculate. What do you think is going to happen? The points I made earlier I believe are inevitable. Small business is going to suffer. Most will probably cancel their employee health care coverage. People who have in the past never bought health insurance because of its cost are not going to buy it now for the same reason. The threat of a new tax is not going to cause them to spend money they say they don’t have. Estimates are that over 30 million new patients will seek health care from a dwindling number of doctors and hospitals. That will definitely have a negative effect on the medical profession’s ability to function successfully. Many doctors are going to just take their money and run. Many others are not going to accept medicare or other government subsidized patients. What we are about to experience is a gigantic mess. Contrary to the “pie in the sky by and by” you have been told, this has disaster written all over it.

Do you remember when Clinton had his sex scandal? When it subsided, the Democrats said we should all just move on. In fact they even started an organization called “Move on Dot Org.” Reid, Pelosi and Schumer are out and about now saying the same things about Obamacare, we should just move on. Well that is not going to happen. The movement they will see will be at the ballot box.

First and foremost, we need to get rid of the perpetrators of this nonsense. That’s what elections are all about. If we hold the House and just capture a few Senate seats, we can curtail this wild eyed spender in the White House. Aside from just spending us into oblivion, there will also be new Court appointments coming up in the next few years. This truly will be the most important election of our time.

I predict that when the full impact of Obama’s presidency hits this country, the Democrat party will suffer for years and years. There will be no place to hide. In fact the only running they will be doing is running for the exits. Once again it will be left to the Republicans to clean up the mess. When the smoke clears on Obama’s fiascos, we may well be witnessing the “Death of Liberalism.” One can only hope.

Ron Scarbro July 11, 2012


SteveGanshert said...

If I read your column right, there will be no left left.

Jwo- said...

Well, here we go again. I told you that I was taking a moritorium on commenting because my comments all boil down, topically and specifically, to how desperately...how vigorously I HATE THE LEFT! I can't seem to yell that loud enough nor type it often enough. (Hell, I even hit the keys harder when I type it!) I can't believe the hubris of this movement/administration. From the open mike comments to Medmedev(sp?) from obama (will not capitalize) to Putin, the bold-faced lies from obama & team re: Romney, the vapid stupidity of the Left's stance on economic issues and their genuflecting to their supreme leader, the racial tactics of this administration and the outright disregard for laws, justice, decorum & our Constitution. I HATE THE LEFT! (are you glad to have me back now?)

Even though I have angst over the results of CJ Roberts decision, I'm beginning to understand how he arrived there. obamacare is seemingly worded from end to end as a tax...a tax on real estate, on death, on businesses, on medical supply industries, ON EVERYTHING! It's a big 2,500 page tax on everything! It seems healthcare is not even the issue nor the topic, just the distraction...the battlecry. If, in these next elections, we don't get rid of this gigantic A-hole and JUST retake the Senate, maintain the House, we will have another 4 years of stagnation, while he veto's everything sent to him. And when we elect again in 4 years, the Media (WH Marketing Dept) will tout the Republican Congress as being the problem that needs correcting and the reason we've been so stagnant for so long. I've said for a long time now that obama is an enemy of this State and committed to overturning our way of life, dramatically! Were this WWII era, him & others would be executed for treason! The Left does not even consider the Constitution and runs this country like spoiled kids who've never graduated from the Business School their Daddy's funded, pulling doctrines out of their a**, blind to Constitutional guidance, with the knowledge that they have Daddy's unlimited funds. And if they're wrong/fail, it's no biggie. The Left is all about Rock'n Roll...is perpetually Saturday night with them...there's never a Sunday morning reconing, never a consequence! In Municipalities & Leftist States across this country, they fail repeatedly and never learn the lesson that there's no such thing as a free meal. It's everybody's fault but theirs...but let's just keep dancing! Truth to them is a distraction; accuracy an annoyance and there's never a 'Piper' to pay!

In spite of my above stated hatred for all things Socialist/Leftist, I believe there's a light looming ahead. I've also stated for some time now that I believe this election will be a rout for the Right! While polling data can be as skewed as MM Global Warming data sites, I sense an amazing coalescence of the Right, joined by a growing discontent from the Middle. If I'm wrong, this country and our life, as we've known it, will end. As you presage, SCOTUS, under an obama re-election, will lean dramatically over the next term, Congress will be rendered further inept and the ranks of the Left will grow without ever knowing another voice. To say this election is the most important of all time is the greatest UNDERSTATEMENT since Noah said, "...I think it's gonna rain..."

GOD help us!