Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I re-read the Declaration of Independence today before I wrote this column. I paid particular attention to the part where the authors wrote that governments derive their powers from the consent of the governed. In light of recent events and court decisions I thought that would be especially apropos because if the governed do not consent, our government has no power.

Today I am ingesting and digesting the Court’s decisions. I am frankly both  surprised and disappointed with John Roberts. He, in my opinion, basically re-wrote a law he was only supposed to judge. I am hearing all the spin from both sides of the argument and it is deafening. But I am not a seer. I cannot determine what the future holds any more than anyone else. I can only offer my thoughts and opinions.

America is fundamentally changing. From my early years to now one would have a difficult time recognizing this country. It just is not the same place. Whether the changes are for the better or the worse is for you to decide. I have made my decision.

I do not believe in the America of my youth the Federal Government would have  refused to enforce laws against illegal immigration. Now not only are they refusing, they are also forbidding states from enforcing the law. I do not believe the America of my youth would force any citizen to buy any product for any reason and then penalize them if they refused. The America of my youth would never attack an entire religion representing millions of people both here and throughout the world by requiring them to endorse and fund activities against their beliefs.

What we now have in this country is a dysfunctional executive, legislative and judicial government, and while these three branches of government are independent from each other, they are not independent from us, the American people.

Romney has said that his first official act as President will be to grant waivers to all fifty states which would essentially gut and eliminate Obamacare. Several Governors have said in the past few days that they would not put the new law into effect. That would have the same effect. One thing is clear. Any law is only as good and effective as its enforcement. Back in the sixties some hippies wore a t-shirt that said, “What if they started a war and nobody came?” What now if they passed a law and nobody obeyed it?

The Court has basically said to the American people, if you don’t like the laws your President and Congress passed, and over 60% of those polled don’t, get rid of those who passed the law and start over. That appears now to be the order of the day. Since the SCOTUS decision, Romney’s campaign fund has been exploding with donations. We also need to change out Congress.

I am indeed saddened by the changes our country has been experiencing. I regret the loss of individual responsibility. I detest the loss of our basic freedoms. I absolutely hate the direction this country is headed. Our values are being eroded.

There is good news though. We have an election coming up, you know.  So I wonder, have you had enough yet? Are you better off today than you were three years ago? Are you pleased with our headlong rush into socialism? Is this rush the change you thought you were voting for in the last election? Just wondering.

We all are guaranteed equal opportunity. That is one of our basic rights. However, we are not now nor have we ever been guaranteed equal outcome. No amount of wealth redistribution is going to materially alter the lives of some of our citizens. We succeed or fail based on our own individual initiative, not on any government handout. How I long for the America of my youth.

Ron Scarbro July 4, 2012

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Anonymous said...

I have given a lot of thought to the direction this country appears to be headed, and I'm in shock. What happened to the checks and balances? Was I taught only fantasy in civics class? Latest I heard, Obama is starting to gain in the polls. What are people thinking? If America continues in this direction, I will owe my children an apology for bringing them into this world. I have always had faith in the citizens of our country I guess I was living in a dream world. Deena