Wednesday, July 18, 2012


In my time on this earth some of the things I have experienced have amazed me. Even when I have had time to consider all of the reasons people act the way they do, I still come away confused.

As an example, Bill Clinton, a disgraced, disbarred, and impeached former President still is considered by most Democrats a statesman. His popularity has never been higher. He commands millions in speaker fees. The world doesn’t forget however. Hillary was heckled loudly in Egypt just last week by crowds screaming “Monica, Monica, Monica” at her last visit. Still the Democrats don’t get it.

Obama is pushing Romney to release his income tax returns for several years and at the same time he refuses to release his college records or his phony Social Security information. What amazes me is that his hard core supporters will not see anything wrong with this. Are they blind, or just stupid?

Obama rails against Romney regarding his business experience demanding he explain policies of Bain Capital which occurred after he had left the company. Could anybody tell me of any business experience Obama has had? Is “community organizer” considered business experience to the Democrats?

Obama criticizes Romney for the wealth he has earned but has never offered any explanation of how he afforded his time at Occidental College, or Columbia, or Harvard. How much do you suppose those colleges cost? Oh, and by the way, Obama also traveled around the world during this time and to that point had never had a job, had questionable parentage, and zero means of visible support. Who paid his bills? And why don’t any of the so-called intelligent people in the media ask these questions? Why don’t his so-called intelligent supporters ever question this? Do they just believe in magic? I personally know some of his supporters and I know them to be otherwise intelligent, but for some reason, which I cannot explain, they put blinders on when dealing with the most important issues facing us in this lifetime.

When Obama ran against Hillary, the Republicans left the vetting of Obama to the Clinton machine. They failed miserably. Now it is up to the Republicans to do the vetting and they are doing a terrible job. As a voter I demand to know the background of Barak Obama. I demand to see his college records. I demand to know why he has a Connecticut SSN but he has never lived there. I demand to know who supported him financially during his early years. Who does he owe and how is he paying them? Doesn’t anybody else in this country wonder about all this?

Today we have no choice but to find out about Obama. If he is given another four years as President, this country will suffer untold harm from which we may never recover. The Republican Party has to take the gloves off and go after this charlatan and find the answers he has kept from the American people. Where did Obama come from and how did he get here? Who owns him? Who is controlling his actions? I need to know and so do you.

I have been amazed by many things in my life but how somebody like Barack Obama can come from nowhere, community organizer, to President of the most powerful country on earth tops the list of amazing things. And if, after seeing him in action for the last three years plus, he is reelected, my list of amazing things would have to include yet another item which would top all other entries. Amazing.

Ron Scarbro, July 18, 2012

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I think I need to attend an obama/Leftist/Democrat recovery group...

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