Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Our embassies are being attacked all over the Middle East this week. So far at least four of our Foreign Service personnel have been killed. These attacks are obviously coordinated and planned. This is not just a mob out of control. There is obviously some group or groups of radical Islamist in control of these attacks.

Some time ago during the “Arab Spring” I asked who really was in charge. It seemed pretty clear that this was not just a random demand for a free government. The demonstrations which led to the overthrow of several dictators had to be led and controlled by some powerful body. I wondered then where this was all leading. The answer now is emerging. It is pretty clear now that the “Arab Spring” could lead to an “Arab Winter.”

The reason for these attacks is not so difficult to understand. We are facing another Jimmy Carter moment in the Middle East. Our unwillingness to react and respond to threats and literal attacks on our soil (our Embassy) has left us looking like helpless paper tigers. These idiots in the Middle East don’t fear us. That, my friends, is a problem. Because they have the precedent of our non action, they probably believe we will do nothing. What really troubles me is they are probably right.

I am beginning to wonder if the people in this region can co-exist with the modern world. Are they so backward that they cannot understand that their only possible future is by joining the twenty-first century?  There is another clear reality. The world will never be a Muslim world. The real world is a free place. Religion is a free exercise. Different people worship in different ways or not at all. Personally I don’t care if you worship a bell pepper. That is your choice. The problem comes into play when you demand that I also worship a bell pepper. That crosses a line which I will not allow.

So what should we do? What should our response be? Well first of all we have to get their attention. Number one, do not forgive the enormous debt owed to us by Egypt and stop all payments to the rest of these mongrel countries. We are sending billions to the Middle East every day. Not just in buying oil. We are sending aid to these people. How stupid is that? Next, shoot any trespasser dead in his tracks if he approaches our Embassy. Third, flood the Mediterranean with warships, loaded with missiles and troops, and then send a message to all governments in the region that any future act of war perpetrated by any country or group will be met with full retaliation. After we have leveled a few cities there is the real possibility that we might get their attention. I am convinced the only language they understand is force. In their wildest drug induced dreams they could not imagine what our country could do if we chose. It took two bombs to bring Japan to her knees and I doubt that it would require anything close to that for the Middle East. We could change the entire topography of the Middle East in just a few moments. Back when we first got involved with Iraq, an email forward was going around the internet. It showed an obvious Arab type racing on a camel across the desert waving a sword and screaming, “Holy War.” The second picture showed that same Arab type racing the other way with a US smart bomb on his tail and he was screaming “Holy Crap.” That image should be burned into the memory of every person in the Middle East.

We are running out of time. Iran is months away from having a nuclear weapon. Israel is not going to sit by and let themselves be destroyed. This is going to hit the fan whether we like it or not. How shall we respond???

Ron Scarbro  September 19, 2012

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