Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Many years ago in my youth, traveling carnival shows would come to our little town. There would be rides, games of chance, concession stands with all kinds of carnival foods, a freak show, and all sorts of oddities to amaze our little community. I clearly remember the “Barker.” He was the well dressed gentleman who came out on stage and told the gathered crowd what to expect from the upcoming show. He was a great salesman. Then the exotic music would start and suddenly scantily clad young women would appear and begin dancing on the stage. They would seductively sway and shake to the music. The men in the audience would gather and be mesmerized by the spectacle. At just the right time, other members of the traveling group would pass through the gathered crowds and pick the pockets of the unsuspecting men hypnotized by the show. The oldest scam in the world and it worked.

As I look out on this country today I see a replay of that old scam. The barkers are out there in force along with the dancing girls taking our attention away from the  government pickpockets. Remember for years, starting in the seventies, we were told that the world was running out of oil. There were huge lines at the gas pumps. The price of gasoline started going up and it hasn’t stopped. But, and this is forty years later, there still is a glut of oil. With just what has been discovered in this country, we probably have hundreds of years of supply available to us.

Next, we have the “green” movement. I think it began with aerosol spray. We were told we were destroying our ozone layer. Then it became “global warming.” Now the government says we have to burn fluorescent light bulbs instead of the old incandescent. They want us to drive electric cars. They would have you believe that puny little man is capable of destroying this earth. Next, more government interference.  We now have guidelines for school lunch menus. A maximum of 850 calories for a growing teenager? Are you kidding me?

There is a town in California which has outlawed owning a pet. You have to adopt them. Private restaurants cannot give free toys with their kid’s meals. The government is concerned parents may not be able to say no to their children.

I could go on and on. There are so many distractions. If you believe the media, who by the way are in the tank for all of this, our only hope is to ride bicycles and never again cook on our charcoal grills. Our only salvation is total government control of our lives and our fortunes.

Well, what if all of this is just a bunch of dancing girls? What if none of it is true? What if the real agenda here is to distract the American people so that their pockets can be picked? There are at least as many so-called scientists who think “global warming” is a scam as there are who believe it. Can you just imagine how much of American life has been altered by this phony movement?

This then is your choice. You can still go on believing the nonsense emanating from Washington or you can look more closely and formulate your own opinion. You, for example, could believe that Harry Reid rose from poverty in Searchlight, Nevada to become a multi-millionaire by hard work and diligent saving and if you did believe that, you probably also believe a campaign contribution is not a bribe. If you do believe these things, the kool-aid is being poured and I think I hear the exotic music beginning to play. Watch out for the dancing girls.

Ron Scarbro September 26, 2012

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Bo Lumpkin said...

I was brought up to always avoid those dancin' girls and it was pretty good advice