Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Recently Rolling Stone magazine printed a story covering what was described as a gang rape by members of a fraternity of a young unsuspecting co-ed. The story went into elaborate detail naming individuals by “nicknames” and describing graphic events to hold the readers’ attention. As it now turns out, the story was false. Something may or may not have occurred. Only the people involved know the truth. The magazine, currently facing major lawsuits and possible financial ruin, defend their action by claiming that gang rapes do occur. Maybe this one didn’t happen as they described in their story, but that the cause needed coverage and exposure regardless of the facts. The story/cause was more important than the truth.

Do you remember the accusations of the young lady who claimed that she was raped by members of the Duke University Lacrosse team? The University harshly dealt with those team members without investigating the veracity of the accusation. When the truth came out and the team was completely exonerated because no rape occurred, Duke defended their actions because the charge was so horrendous. The issue of rape on campus was so important that the truth was just an inconvenience.   

All across the country now people are protesting what they call “police brutality” by burning down businesses, blocking traffic, and looting. I saw an interview with some of the so-called protesters who claimed it was their right to protest in any manner they pleased because their agenda was so important. It did not matter whether the police officers were guilty or innocent of any crime, or that a Grand Jury found no probable cause to indict them, they were not going to let truth get in the way of their agenda. They were going to protest anyway. The  truth was not important. They refuse to be governed by facts. It is much more important to be the victim.

Then we have Prof. Jonathan Gruber. This particular arrogant liberal seems to believe that the passage of Obamacare was so important that truth was inconvenient and had to be necessarily removed from consideration. The “stupid” American people don’t know what is good for them. They need the helping hand of big government via arrogant people like him to lead them and guide them through their miserable little lives. Gruber is on record as saying that transparency is often the enemy of politicians and their legislation. They need to hide facts or couch them in “tortured” language in order to get legislation passed. If we told the truth, the “stupid” American people might reject this law which would be so good for them. We couldn’t allow that to happen.

These are just a few examples of where the truth is not important. It’s all about the cause.

I’m going to give you something to think about. If your cause is damaged by truth, shouldn’t you possibly re-examine your cause? If facts interfere with the agenda you have set, shouldn’t you consider taking another look at your agenda? Is it any wonder that American people are so skeptical of government? Lying has become common throughout our society and our government.

And so we have this obvious conclusion. If truth and transparency are enemies of your cause or agenda, there is the very real possibility that your cause or agenda is wrong.

Ron Scarbro

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Arne Moe said...

Very well written, Ron. Your suggested findings are something we all suffer from when the truth hurts. Merry Christmas!