Wednesday, December 17, 2014


If you are like me, you are probably tired of hearing about Ferguson, Mo. That incident has spawned another conversation however. In New York City an individual who was breaking the law, as he had some thirty times before resulting in arrest, decided to resist this arrest, was placed in a “choke hold” by a police officer, and later died. He happened to be extremely obese and suffered from many health issues. A Grand Jury heard evidence of any wrongdoing by police and decided not to indict any officer for the death of the perpetrator. Protests and marches followed led by the usual suspects. Many people have been arrested.

So what has been the response by the Mayor, the President, and the Attorney General? They say the police need to be retrained. What they are really calling for is that the police be restrained, not retrained. Their irresponsibility will hurt police officers. If just one officer hesitates in the line of duty and either dies or allows someone else to die because of hesitation, that will be the fault of these politicians. In my experience people who dislike cops have evidently had bad dealings with them in their past, probably while breaking the law.  Personally, I have never had any bad dealings with police officers. I have been stopped, cited, and cautioned, but never have I been disrespected nor have I have ever tried to resist lawful action by the police. Maybe there’s a message here.

Hillary has put her foot in her mouth again. In a speech recently, she said we must have empathy for our enemies. We must attempt to understand their point of view. Sorry, Hillary. Any individual or group of individuals whose sole purpose for living is to kill me or my family, behead anyone not of their religion, or whose goal it is to install their radical nonsense around the world does not deserve nor earn my empathy, sympathy, or any part of my understanding. They deserve and will receive my complete attention and if necessary my all out assault. Any gang of thugs who would assault a school in Pakistan and murder 150 children and their teachers are not worthy of any empathy. These baby killing vermin should only be studied posthumously. Any serious candidate for the Presidency of this country should feel the same way. Otherwise they should just write books that nobody buys or reads and make speeches that nobody shows up for or listens to.

In the face of overwhelming opposition, Obama has issued an “Executive Edict” granting amnesty for millions of lawbreaking illegals in this country. Best estimates are that this bit of nonsense will wind up costing this country trillions. His contention is that he had to act because the Congress wouldn’t. What he meant was that he had to act because the Congress wouldn’t give him what he wanted. I remember the last “Imperial President” we had, Richard Nixon, who said that if a president does something, it can’t be illegal because he is the President. Well it wasn’t true then and it is not true now. Maybe, just maybe, the Congress didn’t give him what he wanted because they knew the overwhelming majority of Americans disapprove. Maybe the Congress acted on what was best for the country.

Clearly the midterm elections reflected the will of the American people and they are not pleased with the direction the country has been headed. The denizens of Washington DC had best be aware of this. Regardless of party, only those politicians who get the message will have a future in government.

And to any police officer who might read this. Thank you for your service. Only you and God know what you have to deal with. Remember, the vast majority of America is on your side.

Ron Scarbro

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