Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Maybe it was because I was young. Maybe I was just naive. Whatever the reason, I used to be able to trust our government to, one, tell the truth, and two, do the right thing. That no longer is the case. It seems this entire government is built on lies.

Do you remember when we decided to go to war in Iraq because, among other reasons, they had chemical weapons? It made perfect sense. Saddam Hussein had used them already on his own people. Well, when we get there, we can’t find any. So the media begins the crucifixion of Pres. Bush. “Bush lied and people died.” What a mantra. Well guess what, they did find the weapons and they found them by the thousands. The Pentagon covered up the fact that they were found. Soldiers, many of whom were harmed by the discovery of some of those weapons were told to keep their mouths shut. Cover it up as if it never happened. Why? Why would our own government lie about this? Who gained what by this lie?

Let us consider Benghazi. Again, obvious lies. First we were told this was all about some silly video on the internet. Then we were told it was just a little group of upset militants. Three of our people died including our ambassador. The lies are still flowing. Who is being covered for? Is it Hillary? Is it Obama? And why? Why can’t these people man up and face the music? Or would they prefer to be remembered as just liars?

How about the IRS scandal? It is patently obvious that Lois Lerner is lying. She obviously destroyed her e-mails. When called before Congress to testify, she perpetuated her lies and refused to talk. Her punishment? She has retired to receive her substantial pension from the very government she tried to destroy by her lies.

I could go on and on but I think you understand the gravity of my comments and my concerns. My simple question is how much longer will we put up with the lying?

Here is a simple primer on American Government. Number one, Obama is not the government and he doesn’t own the government. He is a civil service employee who is responsible to the people. The Congress is not the government and they also do not own the government. They too are civil servants who are responsible to the people. The Judiciary is not the government and the judges do not own the government. They, like the previous employees I discussed, are merely civil servants who work for and are responsible to the people.

We are the government. We all are the government. Regardless of our station in life, we share equally as owners of our government. Those people in Washington, D.C. work for us, not the other way around. We get to choose them and we get to remove them. In fact, another election is just around the corner where we will choose again who will work for us. Don’t take that responsibility lightly. Do you want to continue to put liars in office? Or do you want to get someone in office who can be trusted to at least tell the truth?

I long for the day when I can trust government officials. This isn’t a party thing. Liars come from both sides of the aisle. Our world is a dangerous place. Now, more than ever, we need trustworthy people in positions of leadership. On Election Day, choose wisely.

Ron Scarbro

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