Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Racial injustice is a term that is being thrown around a lot recently. Our Attorney General has even weighed in decrying treatment of young black men by the judicial system. He has opined that black youngsters are arrested more often and incarcerated more often than their Caucasian counterparts. He even implied that black people were being treated unfairly by the judicial system.

It is true that our prisons and penal institutions are disproportionately populated by minority convicts and many of them black. The question is, is this because black people are being treated unfairly or is it possibly that black people are committing the majority of the crimes?

In Brunswick, Georgia recently there was a fight involving at least eight black middle school girls. The word fight doesn’t do it justice. It was more like an all out brawl. Several teachers were injured trying to break it up. Three were hospitalized for a brief time. Five of the girls were arrested for assault and  permanently expelled. They will not be allowed to return to public school. They are now being educated through a taxpayer funded home school program.

These girl’s parents along with some community leaders are protesting. “It was just a squabble.” “Kids will be kids.” “Let these girls return to school.” This, they claim, is racial injustice.

If this is racial injustice, what would racial justice look like? Isn’t that a fair question? I remember a bank robber who, when asked, “Why do you rob banks?” replied, “Because that’s where the money is.” Why are so many black youngsters arrested and jailed for crimes? Because they are committing the crimes.

Some will say that black people are the victims of a white dominated society. Still others might believe that black people are owed because of their treatment in the past. The truth is that they are in the state they are in because of their choices and their actions, period.

If anybody chooses not to get the free education that is available to all citizens, and then run rampant in the streets using and dealing drugs and committing other crimes, they deserve the justice they get regardless of their race.

Nobody is picking on black people. We have elected a black president twice. He has surrounded himself with other black people of prominence. We have a black Attorney General. This victimhood business is getting tiresome.

It is really simple. We are all responsible for our actions and our choices. We all need to be respectful of law and law enforcement officers. And we all need to obey the law. When we don’t we face the consequences. Contrary to popular liberal thinking, we are not arrested because of our race. We are not convicted because of our skin color. We are dealt with by our criminal justice system because of our choices and our crimes. If you don’t want to be treated like a criminal, don’t commit crimes.

Of course all black people are not criminals. In fact the vast majority are not. I believe it is extremely painful to them that many of their children are so out of control. I am sure that most black parents wouldn’t choose for their own children what many of these kids are choosing for themselves. They would opt for, as most would, a good life, a happy life, a productive life.

True justice is blind. It is also color blind. When individuals, regardless of their race, take responsibility for themselves and the choices they make, they rarely have to deal with the Justice System.

Ron Scarbro

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Jwo- said...

No fathers growing up equals no respect for authority. No respect for authority equals no respect for oneself. No respect for oneself equals no respect for others. No respect for others equals and fosters an attitude of indifference to responsibility and consequences (the Liberal definition). Hence, you wind up dead or in prison. I believe its endemic to a large portion of the black community. Look at Africa. They can't unscrew themselves, they can't help themselves, they can't rise above themselves and they can't stand themselves. Jesus-jumped-up-palomino, how many thousands of years do you need???

I can relate. I'm having a hard time standing and understanding most of them myself! I'm really over the "black experience" and all the excuses & issues we're supposed to overlook. We're all judged by the same standards or should be. I have no sympathy, I have no patience, I have no caring and I'm done with excuses. I'm sick of the riots, I'm sick of the 'me first' attitudes, I'm sick of the exceptions made for negative acts and I'm sick of the American population/youth being pulled down to the lowest common denominator (thank you Left) verses inspiring and promoting all to succeed.

And I'm sick of the Al Sharptons, Jesse Jacksons and other pariahs sucking life and exacerbating discord in a community to damn stupid to recognize their idiocy.

These idiots are one clown short of a circus and watching their self-serving speeches is as aggravating and nerve-wracking as watching a drunk chase a balloon near the edge of a cliff!

This atmosphere was created, nurtured and empowered by the Left and I wish we could balkanize and let them all wallow in their own policies?