Wednesday, November 5, 2014


You expect it from Joe Biden. He opens his mouth to speak and he inserts his foot. It’s just Joe, we are told. Well it is time we exposed another politician who suffers from hoof in mouth disease. That would be Hillary Clinton, of course.

We know of her infamous “Who cares” comment at a Benghazi hearing. “Who cares?” Really, Hillary?  Her latest tops that ridiculous remark. In a recent speech she literally said don’t let anyone fool you. Businesses and corporations do not create jobs. Is that not the dumbest remark anyone could make? Who, Ms. Clinton, do you think does create jobs? Do you think it is the government? How about the other liberal fantasy of bottom-up economics?

It is the simplest of the simple. The consumer wants or needs a product or service. A business or corporation builds or makes that product or service available. Of course the business must have employees to do the work of creating the product or service. The business sells their product. The company makes a profit. The employees are paid wages based on the value of their labor. Those employees then become consumers in the same marketplace buying products and services. Money changes hands and an economy is created. How simple is that?

Government, on the other hand, produces nothing. Did you hear that Hillary? Government produces nothing. To any business or corporation government is an expense just like the costs of raw materials and labor. In fact if there were no successful businesses or corporations, there would be absolutely no need for government, period.

To those of you who might say that government builds the roads, I would answer yes, but they get their funding from successful business. If there were no successful business, there would be no need for roads. Look at Afghanistan. They have no businesses or corporations. They have no roads. They have no infrastructure. They are settlements of goat herders and opium growers who are constantly at war with each other for entertainment if for no other reason.

Politicians often reveal their true selves at times when the microphone is on and their brain is off. But I don’t think Hillary would take back her statement even if she could because, in her warped view, she truly believes it. Like so many politicians and Washington denizens, she has never had a real job. She has never had to manage a for-profit company. She and they live in a fantasyland of government gobbledygook and bureaucratic speak. They don’t create anything but regulation and problems for the taxpayers to pay or solve. They are a liability, not an asset.

The idea that Hillary Clinton could ever be the President of the United States is repugnant to me and should be to all thinking individuals. I read today that she is favored by 47% of Democrats to be their nominee in 2016. Surely even the Democrats could do better. On second thought her only competition seems to be Elizabeth Warren. God help us if either of these extremely unaccomplished individuals ever darkens the doors of the White House. If you think this country is in trouble now, you have no idea of what could be.

This brief suggestion to Hillary’s handlers. I don’t know if there is any cure for “hoof in mouth disease,” but before she gets in front of another microphone you might want to check her meds.

Ron Scarbro


Anonymous said...

I am willing to bet that private businesses can build roads BETTER, FASTER and CHEAPER than the government.


Jwo- said...

If anyone is so blind as to not understand that Libs/Leftists/Socialists cache their words, so inciting to their ignorant/emoting masses, in social improvement promises to hide their elitists ruling state...well...they're obama/Hillary voters I guess? In any business plan, government is a overhead...a 'delta/deficit' entry, not a profit. As you stated, it depletes from the gain of profits. And, I agree with C...private business would perform soooo much more efficiently and create financial benefits (profits/growth) in the marketplace verses overhead, requiring tax funding from the populous.